Power (and $) to the People

Donald Trump was half right when speaking recently in Montana, saying that people should have the say whether to frack or not in their backyard.

“I’m in favor of fracking, but I think that voters should have a big say in it. I mean, there’s some areas, maybe, that don’t want to have fracking, and I think if the voters are voting for it that’s up to them.”

UK Prime Minister has got it all right when she announced that the wealth will be shared with residents receiving checks directly if they choose to go with the extraction. Green and anti-fossil fuel activists are scrambling to denounce her move as “bribery” while ignoring their own undemocratic posture.  They worry about losing their power to stop progress when the discourse changes from “Not In My Back Yard” (NIMBY) to “Please In My Back Yard” (PIMBY).

A £1 billion shale wealth fund unveiled by former chancellor George Osborne in November will set aside up to 10 per cent of the tax proceeds from fracking to benefit the communities hosting wells.

But now the Prime Minister is amending the scheme so the money can go direct to residents rather than being given to councils or community trusts to spend, as Mr Osborne planned.

It is expected that the new fund could deliver as much as £10 million to each community where wells are sited.

Speaking ahead of the launch of a consultation on the fund, Mrs May said she wanted to make sure that individuals benefit personally from economic decisions.

She indicated that the model could be applied to other Government programmes, such as the Community Infrastructure Levy charge on property development in England and Wales.

“The Government I lead will always be driven by the interests of the many – ordinary families for whom life is harder than many people in politics realise,” said Mrs May. “As I said on my first night as Prime Minister, when we take the big calls, we’ll think not of the powerful but of you. This announcement is an example of putting those principles into action.”
Source: Fracking payments: Households in line for cash under Government plans Shropshire Star


Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan don’t get enough credit for leading the free world to out-prosper the socialist block, thereby leading to the iron curtain collapsing, and eventually to economic reforms even in places like China and Cuba.

Today we are facing a growing tyranny of unelected bureaucrats at the EU and the UN whose power and resources are committed to a statist, left-wing agenda, using climate hysteria as justification.

Theresa May looks to be up for the fight. But will the next US President be a willing partner against entrenched special interests, activists and rent-seekers, or will it be someone beholden to them and to the status quo?



  1. nzrobin · August 23, 2016

    Whilst I like what Theresa May is doing to encourage action to improve energy supply, if the money is laundered through government it could well be interpreted as a hand out / bribe. I wonder if it’d be better if the energy company dealt directly with the community, with the government acting as arbitrator / moderator.


    • Ron Clutz · August 23, 2016

      Thanks for the comment robin. There is a consultation ahead regarding the details of the program, and I hope your point is taken up. It is already an improvement to send checks to households instead of councils or other organizations.
      I am reminded how soviet labor unions had profit-sharing in their employing companies, but the funds went to the unions, not the workers, and guess who controlled the unions? (Hint: Executives were also members of the union.)


  2. Climatism · August 23, 2016

    Spot-on ‘summary’. Thanks Ron.


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