Wisconsin’s Long List of Election Infractions

A resolution has been submitted to the rules committee of the Wisconsin State Assembly listing the many violations rendering the 2020 election results untrustworthy as they concern the US President and Vice-President. The full document is:

Resolution Relating to Wisconsin election reform and reclaiming the electoral ballots for President and Vice President that were certified under fraudulent intent and purpose.

This synopsis provides the bullet points detailed in the document, in italics with my bolds.

♦ the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) enabled the illegal use of over 500 voter drop boxes in Wisconsin

♦ Dane and Milwaukee County Clerks issued guidance on Facebook suggesting all voters could declare themselves indefinitely confined because of the pandemic

♦ certification of the 2020 election was rushed before time for filing an appeal of the recount had passed

♦ 3,000 documents and e-mails show connection to election manipulations by the CTCL in five of Wisconsin’s largest cities

♦ data expert studies of historical voter trends reveal a statistical impossibility

♦ WisVote database reflects 7.1 million registered voters in a state with a population of 5.8 million and a voting age population of 4.5 million

♦ grassroots canvassing efforts reveal 200 addresses in 31 counties in Wisconsin that have 200 to 400 registered voters at a single address,

♦ upgrades on Dominion voting machines were allowed on September 9, 2021, with no reassurances of protecting the data of the 2020 election

♦ the nonpartisan Legislative Audit Bureau identified 44,272 voters who did not provide proper voter identification in the 2020 general election

♦ 50 of the 69 county GOP parties released letters of support or resolutions asking for further investigation into the elections process

♦ Elections Commission prevented the deployment of special voting deputies to care facilities

♦ a multitude of irregularities in Wisconsin voter rolls, including that 93.7 percent of active voters participated in the 2020 general election, 205,355 voter registration applications were dated November 3, 2020

♦ Wisconsin voter rolls were inflated to the maximum possible number of voters according to census population data for every presidential election in Wisconsin since 2008 and then the voter rolls were purged shortly after each such election

♦ money provided by the CTCL and Mark Zuckerberg to local governments in Wisconsin relating to the 2020 general election violated Wis. Stat. § 12.11, which prohibits election bribery

♦ CEIR also received funding from Mark Zuckerberg, along with the CTCL, and the CEIR is seeking to provide pro bono defense attorneys to election officials who used the CTCL money in the 2020 general election

♦ ballot harvesting and returning absentee ballots to drop boxes are not legal methods to cast absentee ballots in Wisconsin

♦ the U.S. Supreme Court has found that fraud vitiates and nullifies any contract

the November 2020 Wisconsin general election, as regulated and directed by the Elections Commission, was one of the most haphazard, controversial, and poorly managed elections in state history, shaking citizens’ confidence in fair elections across Wisconsin, and with the culmination of these evidences, prove the results of the commission’s certification of the 2020 election are considered fraudulent; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the accumulated evidence proves the actions taken by the Elections Commission to certify the 2020 presidential election shall be considered contrary to law and fraudulent under Wis. Stat. §§ 6.84, 6.87 (6), 6.875, 12.11, and 12.13 (2) (b) 7

Resolved, That the Wisconsin Legislature, pursuant to its authority under Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution and 3 U.S.C. § 2, and consistent with guidance provided by the Constitutional Counsel Group in a memorandum dated December 30, 2021, acknowledges that illegality took place in conducting the 2020 general election and reclaims Wisconsin’s 10 fraudulent electoral ballots cast for Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris; and, be it further

Resolved, That the Wisconsin Legislature shall pass legislation with the intention to clean up the WisVote database and create separate servers for active and inactive voters; and be it further

Resolved, That the Wisconsin Legislature supports a full forensic physical and cyber audit of the 2020 general election, that this full forensic physical and cyber audit should be conducted by an independent and nonpartisan auditing firm with a scope statement approved by the Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections.









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  2. william · January 26, 2022

    So how do we fight, and get the news out? Silence is losing. Twitter is not accurate. Someone, must want to know the truth.


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