Paris, Meet New Hampshire

New Hampshire is famous for people who are direct, to the point and tolerate no BS. Thus, I was not surprised to see this editorial printed in the Union Leader, one of the state’s leading newspapers based in Manchester, largest city in NH.

Paris freak-out: Hysteria over do-nothing deal

The Paris Climate Agreement signed last year by President Barack Obama was not a treaty, and thus American commitment to it expired when Obama left office.

  • Had Obama submitted the Paris agreement to the Senate, it would not have received the votes necessary to ratify it.
  • Had the Senate ratified the Paris agreement, targets for reductions in future CO2 emissions from power plants would have been voluntary and amendable.
  • Had the U.S. failed to meet its voluntary emissions targets, there would have been no penalty imposed.
  • Had the United States and every other country on Earth met their emissions targets from the Paris deal, the climate models used by its advocates predicted a reduction in the increase of global temperatures of just 0.2 degrees by 2100.

These climate models have largely overestimated the marginal impact of atmospheric carbon dioxide on climate.

There is no credible evidence that American withdrawal from the Paris deal will have any impact on future global temperatures at all.

The entire Paris agreement was a largely meaningless piece of public relations stagecraft, designed for world leaders to give the illusion that they are doing something about climate change.

It would have billed U.S. taxpayers for the lion’s share of payments to other countries, and locked in onerous Obama-era regulations on power plants that drive up electricity prices.

President Trump was right to remove the United States from this non-treaty.

Tracking the howls of outrage over this decision has been useful. It was an elegant way for people to reveal their ignorance of climate science.

If and when the people arguing that climate change is too important to ignore come forward with a plan that actually does something about climate change, we will start paying attention to their portents of doom.


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