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An Accidental Blogger: Collection of Science Matters Essays

Thanks to hunter’s continuing appreciation of my posts, I am prompted to do a long overdue reorganization of the material to be found here. As explained before, my blogging activity started by accident. In 2015 Judith Curry asked commenters at her blog Climate Etc. to register with WordPress, and in that process I ended up with a free blog of my own. I started playing around with it, posted some comments I had made on others’ blogs (WUWT, Not A Lot Of People Know That, No Tricks Zone, etc.). All of a sudden it became a place where I could consolidate things I learn by writing them into essays, as well as provide a portal for others’ essays worthy of more readers.

My original set of categories no longer reflects the range of subjects addressed in the 1000+ posts on offer at Science Matters. Hunter suggested publishing, but I am not interested in the money or in the hassle to obtain permissions for content reblogged from others’ websites. So instead I am changing the structure of Science Matters to make the topics more accessible to interested visitors.

Overarching Concept:

As the stool above shows, the climate change package sits on three premises. The first is the science bit, consisting of an unproven claim that observed warming is caused by humans burning fossil fuels. The second part rests on impact studies from billions of research dollars spent uncovering any and all possible negatives from warming. And the third leg is climate initiatives (policies) showing how governments can “fight climate change.”

So far I have re-categorized and re-tagged most of the essays according to a reference structure, incorporating the above three dimensions along with a General Science and General Society category.  The captions associated with the each category are assigned to posts as Tags.

Climate Science

Global Warming Scare
Theory of Climate Change
Climate Models
Climate Factors
Oceans Make Climate
Solar Effects
Carbon Dioxide

Climate Impacts

Temperature Trend Analysis
Arctic Sea Ice
Glaciers and Land Ice
Sea Levels and Flooding
Food Supply
Biosphere and Climate
Extreme Weather

Climate Initiatives

Climate Ideology
Climate Media
Climate Politics
Climate Policies
IPCC Conferences
Climate Adaptation
Climate Litigation
Climate Energy Policies
Renewable Energy
Fossil Fuels
Climate Finance
Climate Medicine

Science in General

Environmental Scares
Science and Ideology
Science Principles
Science Humor

Society in General

Social Ideologies
Political Foibles
General Humor

How to Access Content of Interest

Clicking on the box in the upper right corner of any webpage presents a menu showing first a tag cloud.  Clicking on any tag produces all posts so tagged. Then after a list of Top Posts and Pages is a list of the Categories, including the five above in bold, as well as some categories applied to older posts.  Clicking on any category produces a list of all associated posts. Further on is a search box in which you can access posts including a key word or phrase, say “EPA”, or “Plastics,” “Climate Surveys”, etc.

Independently of the box, on any posted page, the associated category appears in red just above the post title.  Clicking it will produce the list of essays on that topic. Hopefully it is clear that categories are more broad and tags more specific.

Have fun.  Let me know if you have suggestions to improve this utility.

Ron Clutz