Ten Days in Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay is providing a great example how ice extents can change dramatically in such a relatively shallow basin near the Arctic circle.  Last December 2016 some concerns were expressed about the lack of ice in Hudson Bay, which were suddenly overcome in ten days starting December 9.  Watch:

Polar bears of course were delighted to have a white Christmas.

Now fast-forward to this spring 2017 when ice was persisting strongly in both Baffin and Hudson Bays. Starting ten days ago on June 18 Summer is showing us how quickly goes the opposite effect, including  a major meltdown the last two days.  On the right side you can see Newfoundlanders are finally rid of their ice.

For the record, Hudson Bay grew 663k km2 of ice in ten December days, and it lost 474k km2 of ice in these last ten days of June.

Don’t worry about the polar bears, they also love to swim.

There is no predicting the Arctic ice situation week in and out, though many are trying.  The polar bears adapt and so shall we.  Meanwhile, it is a joy watching to see what happens.

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