No, Cold Doesn’t Disprove Warming, Nothing Can

That quote from Herodotus was put on the USPS building in Boston referring to postmen, ie postpersons today.  (Are postpersons also postnormal?  Just wondering).  But I digress.

As bitter cold is hitting the US midwest, Trump chose to troll the warmists with a sympathetic tweet to those freezing their tails off.  And now we get a deluge of articles declaring the title of this post.  NOAA even drew a cartoon in response.  Meanwhile some people bundled up and went to Niagara to witness the frozen falls.

In this context, the trusted couriers are the warmists swiftly making their rounds repeating their new message; “Heatwaves last summer prove global warming/climate change; Freezing cold this winter is also caused by warming.”

The evidence is in:  Global warming is a religious belief, and adherents cannot be dissuaded by any fact, event or argument.

Footnote:  USPS Suspended Service in 11 States Due to Record Low Temperatures.




  1. Bob Greene · January 30, 2019

    Mail delivery in Lansing, MI, has been curtailed due to cold. In Richmond snow delays my carrier a couple days, even if has melted.

    I believe Trump was trolling the alarmists who use weather events to prove global warming.


    • Ron Clutz · January 30, 2019

      Thanks Bob. You prompted me to add a note
      about USPS suspending service in 11 states


  2. Adrian E. · January 30, 2019

    Of course, even if there is a warming trend, it can still sometimes be very cold. But I think there has been a certain shift. As far as I remember, until a few years ago, the standard position by the climate establishment was to separate short-term weather from long-term climate trends in order to prevent cold weather from being seen as a contradiction to global warming. Of course, they were never really consistent and occasionally used hot weather for scaremongering, but in general, they insisted on separating weather from climate. But in recent years, they have lost all inhibitions, and all heatwaves and storms now allegedly demonstrate how terrible global warming is. Then, of course, they must also put up with cold weather being used against their claims.


    • Ron Clutz · January 30, 2019

      Adrian, that’s my sense as well. Even now, some of the warmist responses were along familiar lines. For example NOAA, said: “Winter storms don’t prove that global warming isn’t happening.” Sounds like the old “Heatwaves are climate change, deep freezes are just weather.” But note the double negative: IOW, a lack of winter storms proves global warming is happening. YADA YADA. But NOAA goes further with a cartoon suggesting this newer meme, that warming is a cause of harsh winters. I think they are caught by their exploiting of extreme weather events to replace the focus on long-suffering polar bears. Any extreme weather, hot or cold, wet or dry, now has human agency in their belief system.


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