New Sheriff Still in Town

Sheriff Trump has survived and prevailed in this gunfight.  After 3 years, two of them under the relentless Mueller, and after spending more than 30 million dollars investigating, the accusation of treason falls for lack of evidence.

(H/T  Tony Heller for video) But of course, the reporters and newscasters who foisted the fictional rumor upon the public will now double down on their deceit.  They are banking on something Mark Twain said:

Those who are fair-minded will say, “Enough.  Get Real, and get on with the nation’s business.”  Never-Trumpers, unfortunately, will have to find the courage to admit they bought into a lie, or else descend further into unreality by continuing to fool themselves.

no crime


  1. beththeserf · March 25, 2019

    Trump wins Russia-gate!
    Thank goodness for that.
    Temporary truce in the
    Cold War. – Chapter Two:
    Truce over, War of
    Obstruction begins,
    (Sound of war drums in
    Dimmocrit Camp.) Rules
    For Radicals, Mark Two,
    Re yr target,’never let up.’


    • Ron Clutz · March 25, 2019

      Mueller waffled on obstruction because he had to give his sponsors something useful. Yet a man cannot be guilty of obstructing a wrongful and prejudiced investigation into a supposed crime of which he is innocent. The anti-Trumpers will run with this, and hopefully the voters will take note of their irresponsible hatred and punish them at the polls in 2020.

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  2. beththeserf · March 25, 2019

    Agree, Ron, since NO CRIME was committed, how can an INNOCENT PERSON be charged with obstruction of that which did not exist?


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