Childish Climate Power Play

The peformance by Greta at the UN sounded familiar to anyone who has raised children or grandchildren.  We knew first hand what was called the “terrible twos,” when sweet, adorable children frequently and all of a sudden acted out behaviors like:

  • Screaming
  • Temper tantrums
  • Kicking and biting
  • Fighting with siblings
  • Total meltdowns

Such behavior is a way of expressing the need for independence along with frustration at not being in control all the time.

Oftentimes the events involve ” I want, I want, I want”, just as Greta declared: “I want you to panic.”  And in addition there are all the “Greta Wannabes”:

It’s a peculiar and disturbing devlelopment when anyone, including a teenager, becomes a celebrity and attracts followers by being totally certain of something while being ignorant at the same time.  And then to use outbursts of emotional blackmail to tap adults’ guilt feelings:  “If you really loved me, you would do what I want”.  Instead of being grateful for living in a time with so many options and conveniences, what we get is “I will never forgive you for stealing my future.”

Hearing the applause from the UN audience indicated that the ruse is working, that the childish climate power play is successfully manipulating people who should know better from their greater education and life experience.

When I heard that Greta and friends are also launching a lawsuit, it reminded me of this:
Who knows what will happen next?  Here is what I am hoping for:


One comment

  1. hunterson7 · September 25, 2019

    This poor child almost sees through the manipulation that has been done to her.
    You can see the cognitive dissonance going on and hear it in her voice. The adults she looked to for love and protection instead monetized her. Instead of learning coping skills she has learned the power of ranting temper tantrums.


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