Greta Preaches Hellfire and Brimstone at Bristol

Her talking points:

  • This is an emergency.
  • People are already suffering and dying from it.
  • It will get worse.
  • Politicians, the media and those in power are ignoring the emergency
  • Elected officials make words and promises but do nothing.
  • I will not be silenced while the world is on fire, will you?
  • We must be the adults in the room since world leaders behave like children.
  • Thanks to climate activists Bristol Airport will not be expanded.
  • Activism works, so I’m telling you to act.
  • We will not back down from people in power who betray and fail us.
  • We are the change that is coming whether you like it or not.


How does she know those things?  Well, she really, really believes it in her heart, so followers apparently need no evidence beyond her certainty.  It is looking and sounding more and more like the Weathermen in 1969.  Some bad stuff came out of that, starting with words and gatherings similar to these.

Footnote from Madebyjimbob:


  1. hunterson7 · February 28, 2020

    She is an increasingly obvious pathetic puppet of those who have programmed her. Her future will not be bright; ironically, humanity’s future is.

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    • Henning Nielsen · March 2, 2020

      You are right about that, any bets on her presence at for instance COP conference 30? Or 35? Sadly, her mind is locked on disaster, and the world will weary of her and find other messengers of doom to play with.


  2. George Reagan · February 28, 2020

    Poor Gretta. A lost activist in the forest of radicals that worship the likes of old socialist Georgie Soros and his minions and sheeple. I say, wait until 2050 to see if any of this crap becomes history.
    So far none of their “predictions” have failed. My belief, it’s a bunch of hooey.
    Regards, retired engineer, physicist, astronomer and petroleum geologist, A REAL SCIENTIST


  3. AGW is a HOAX! · March 5, 2020

    If the planet is warming, why does she always look so cold? She is wearing layers and layers of clothing and a wool hat. The child is always cold!


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