1. thecovidpilot · November 4, 2021

    HCQ still works. IVM works. Even elderberry concentrate works.

    But with deficient vitamin D levels, nothing works very well. It’s sad that people think that waiting until they are sick to start taking vitamin D will help much, because it won’t. You have to get your 25OHD levels up to 50 ng/ml to get a competent immune system.

    25OHD is also called “calcifediol”. When you supplement with D3 that you get in the supplement section of grocery stores, 90% of it goes into your fat cells and only 10% is converted by the liver into 25OHD. That is best case. The more fat cells you have, the lower the proportion of D3 gets converted by the liver into 250HD. It takes a really long time for D3 supplementation to raise your 25OHD levels. Months. And that’s if you are taking 9,000 units of D3.

    Otoh, if you have calcifediol available when you get sick, you can take it and boost your 25OHD levels within hours. Or give it to a relative or friend.

    Why not just order calcifediol online now and be prepared? Search for “Fortaro,” which is one brand. We ordered three bottles and it came within a week.


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