Rising Sea Levels from Climate Change Hit Venice

Gondolas stranded in the canals while tourists gawk in shock!

Tyler Durden reports at zerohedge Gondola Service Halted In Venice As Famous Canals Run Dry.  Excerpts with my bolds.

Part of Venice’s vast network of canals has run dry after unusually low tides and drought conditions. The floating city is built in the middle of the Venetian Lagoon at the head of the Adriatic Sea in Northern Italy. Dried-up smaller canals mean some gondolas and water taxis are stranded.

Venice is usually prone to flooding, but a combination of factors, including lack of rain, a high-pressure system, a full moon, and water currents, have led to dried-up canals, according to Reuters.

Italian rivers and lakes are suffering from severe lack of water, the Legambiente environmental group said on Monday, with attention focused on the north of the country.

The Po, Italy’s longest river which runs from the Alps in the northwest to the Adriatic has 61% less water than normal at this time of year, it added in a statement. –Reuters

Several pictures and videos have been published on Twitter, showing dried-up canals.

Hold on!  Stop the Presses.

Revised headline:  Climate Change Sucks Water Out of Venice Canals!!!!

And Where Did the Water Go?

Why, California’s Oroville Dam, of course.



  1. beththeserf · 25 Days Ago

    ALL events lead to Climate Change AGW.


  2. roberta4949 · 25 Days Ago

    tides are controlled by the moon no? as for the lakes manmade lakes are like that you can control the water in and out whenever you want, global warming is a myth that will never die I guess.


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  4. HiFast · 14 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on Climate Collections.


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