N2 is IR-Active: This Changes Everything!

E.M. Smith (Chiefio) has new post (here) presenting the evidence showing how Nitrogen, the dominant gas in the atmosphere, also radiates in the infrared, and thus participates in the “greenhouse” effect.  This information was measured and reported as long ago as 1944, but the implications have been ignored in the recent obsession with CO2.

This Changes Everything.

Footnote:  The original discovery of this effect from Nitrogen (here) attributes the IR to N atoms present in the upper atmosphere.



  1. joekano76 · February 17, 2016

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.


  2. Paul · February 18, 2016

    Ron, you are right. As far as the real science goes this does change everything – but in practice it will turn out to be “plus ca change” – at least for the foreseeable future, until Mother Nature imposes its own physical reality. The rediscovered understanding of Nitrogen’s role as a greenhouse gas will not alter the current course of the Catastrophic Global Warming juggernaut in the medium term because that juggernaut is not powered by real science.
    The core objective of the apostles of the Climate Change alarmist industry is to service the needs of four groups:
    (1) Mendacious rent-seekers who are using the power of the state to sequester the money of the poor in order to transfer it to themselves by means of “environmental” levies on our energy production systems;
    (2) Political figures who use fear and falsehoods in the mode enunciated by H L Mencken to enhance their political profiles by signalling their virtue as defenders of the environment – if not the future of all humanity. They do this by making the claim that they are saving the Earth from a supposed global warming catastrophe in the distant future;
    (3) The New Age religionists of the Environmental Movement in their role as a self-appointed priestly class who project an aura of sanctimonious holiness in order to gain the social and political authority to enable them to fill the vacuum created by the collapsing traditional religious belief systems of the West; and,
    (4) Those scientists and their scientific institutions who, like Faust, have willingly sold their souls to the devil of Mammon and betrayed their calling by their perversion of the scientific method so that they can ride the gravy-train of funding that brings them enhanced social standing and prestige – as well as the money of course!
    As pointed out in Science Matter’s “Rococo Marxist” article in July last year – ultimately this whole superstructure of deceit is a product of the descent of rationality and objectivity at the hands of modern academia (and the media). The Doomist House of Cards will collapse eventually – but not in the near future.


    • Ron Clutz · February 18, 2016

      Paul, that is a sobering description of the interests vested in climate alarm. I fear you are right about the war on CO2 persisting because it serves those groups. We can only hope for some quiet storm of lucidity, perhaps triggered by public tiring of the gloom and doom.


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