Tsonis Explains Oceans Making Climate


THE LITTLE BOY El Niño and natural climate change by Anastasios Tsonis is a newly published GWPF report discussing how the ocean drives climate fluctuations.  This adds to a continuing theme of this blog, Oceans Make Climate, coined by Dr. Arnd Bernaerts, also expressed as Oceans Govern Climate.  The whole PDF is worth reading.

My own effort to describe these ocean oscillations is Dynamic Duo: The Ocean-Air Partnership which discusses how several of these oscillations operate, including the ENSO (El Nino) cycle:
Other posts provide background on climate effects from oceans.

Climate Report from the Water World discusses the linkage of global temperatures to ocean temperatures (SST).

Empirical Evidence: Oceans Make Climate presents in situ measurements of the ocean-air heat exchange flux.

All essays on this theme are found in the Category: Oceans Make Climate

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  1. Jamie Spry · September 16, 2017

    PDO, AMO, ANO…hello.


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