Climate Change Elevator Speech

On a recent post Judith Curry challenged commenters with this question: 

How would you explain the complexity and uncertainty surrounding climate change plus how we should respond (particularly with regards to CO2 emissions) in five minutes?

 The video was an impressive offering from John Shewchuk, and I thought it worth sharing here.


  1. beththeserf · 11 Days Ago

    DATA not fear and guilt tactics by those who wish to transfer global wealth!


  2. HiFast · 11 Days Ago

    Reblogged this on Climate Collections.


  3. cognog2 · 11 Days Ago

    A brilliant video. A delight to watch and chock full of common sense and real facts.
    It should be required watching in our schools and universities 🙄. Fat chance😱


  4. Bob Webster · 11 Days Ago

    Well done! Reality in a nutshell.


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