Arctic Warming Bad News, Good News

The Bad News: Seven times faster than global average.
The Good News: Seven x Zero = Zero.

The above image appeared on twitter.  I followed up at the Climate Reanalyzer  to see how it works.  Here is the NASA monthly temperature time series for the North Pole, 90N, 0E.

To Enlarge, open image in new tab.

So NP temperature goes to nearly 0C every summer and down to around -25C in the winter. The last three years’ minimums were nearly the same as the first three years, and in between some minimums were higher and some lower.  So, I agree, 7 X Zero = Zero.



  1. HiFast · August 21

    Reblogged this on Climate Collections.


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  3. terryoldberg · August 22

    Facts not presented by the fear-mongering mainstream media dispel fear of “anthropogenic global warming.” Thanks for that!


  4. oldbrew · August 23

    Where did they get seven from? 🤓


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