Atlantic Ocean Cooling

Most oceanographers have noted quasi-60-year cycles in warming and cooling of the oceans, with offsets between Pacific and Atlantic.  Thus it has been expected that early this century the oceanic temperature regime should shift from the warming phase that dominated the 1980s to 2000.

Paul Dorian at Vencore Weather has an excellent post (here) showing how this cooling regime is in process in the Atlantic.  By several measures, the cooling is evident and likely to be a long term (decadal or more) phenomenon.

From his Overview:

In general, the Atlantic Ocean experienced a cold phase from the early 1960’s to the mid 1990’s at which time it flipped to a warm phase and that has continued for the most part ever since. The current warm phase; however, is now showing signs of a possible long-term shift back to colder-than-normal sea surface temperatures (SST) and this could have serious implications on US climate and sea ice areal extent in the Northern Hemisphere.

His charts show the transition is underway, with the warming peak around 2007.

And as has been noted on this blog (here) regarding Arctic sea ice, the decline went flat after 2007.


The oceans make climate, and the future looks more like cooling than warming.



  1. Climatism · April 30, 2016

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    The AO has flipped.

    The flip matches RSS / UAH TLT atmospheric satellite data which shows slight global cooling trend since 2002 (ex 2016 El Niño)

    ‘Global Cooling’ ? Hmmm. Gavin et al will be working overtime in the NASA GISS tampering factory to maintain their fabricated ‘warning’ trend!

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