Canada announces new climate change goal: increase meetings by 88%


Amazingly, it has become possible to do satire of political climate change activism.  CBC has always promoted climate alarm and has been for many years a platform for alarmist environmentalist David Suzuki.  Just recently however, 22 minutes and CBC comedy have been unleashed, demonstrated by the video above and the fake news release below.

Canada announces new climate change goal: increase meetings by 88% by the year 2019  (here)

“There are many ways we can take concrete action to fight the reality that we have to fight global warming,” Trudeau explained to reporters Friday. “Meetings, for example. Summits. Conventions. Assemblies. Commissions. Oh, and talks.”

Increasingly desperate David Suzuki staples left nostril shut to cut carbon emissions by 50%

“It’s not going to be easy, but Canada really has to be a leader on this,” he continued. “We as a nation have to challenge ourselves to nearly double the number of climate change meetings we’re currently having, and truly commit ourselves to leaving it at that. I have faith that this government has what it takes to meet endlessly and never actually take any meaningful action to mitigate the inevitable and impending disaster we all know is looming.”

Trudeau went on to explain that other nations are surpassing Canada in the number of meetings they’re having – and that that is unacceptable.

“Look at the Chinese leaders – they meet like every week,” he said. “American leaders used to meet every day, though that’s definitely about to change. I heard their new targets involve reducing climate meetings by 100% by the year 2017.”

Trudeau concluded his remarks by emphasizing the undeniable reality that time is quickly running out.

“The glaciers are melting. Our winters are getting warmer every year. Smog is out of control. We can’t afford to just sit around and do nothing. We need to sit around and talk about how we’ll do nothing.”

Welcome to the new world of free speech on climate change.

Footnote for those not familiar with the Canadian scene:

Characters in the video are

Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Dr. David Suzuki, Environmental Scientist

Elizabeth May, MP and Leader of the Green Party




  1. manicbeancounter · December 11, 2016

    It seems that it is only possible to parody climate change activism until someone complains. The video is not available. On the 22 Minutes Youtube site some of the other parodies are not available as well. For instance one of Bob Dylan – probably in relation to his Nobel Prize for Literature. It shows that if you complain about an offence to established sensibilities to the established media you are listened to. But (from numerous examples) when offensive, prejudiced, misleading or even untrue statements are made about those who are part of the established view then it is kicked into the long grass, never to be retrieved.


    • Ron Clutz · December 11, 2016

      manic, it seems the youtube video on this post did not play for you. Can you tell me about the error message you get? I have no problem, but it is Canadian content streamed to me in Canada; sometime there are national barriers to viewing.
      For example, SNL (Saturday Night Live) US videos are typically blocked in Canada, so it may not be nefarious. BTW, if SNL ever decides they will ridicule climatism, watch out.


      • manicbeancounter · December 11, 2016

        It says “This video is not available”. The same message as when a Youtube video is blocked.


  2. Kestrel27 · December 11, 2016

    Yes. It doesn’t play from your site and if you search YouTube it doesn’t show. I’m in the UK.


    • Ron Clutz · December 12, 2016

      Thanks for the info. If you follow the link to article, can you view the video there?


  3. Hilary Ostrov (aka hro001) · December 12, 2016

    Ron, I believe episodes of SNL are available in Canada via GlobalTV. See:

    As for the “limited” viewing of that rather surprising “22 Minutes” video, according to YouTube, it’s actually over a year old [Published on Nov. 17/15]. So, considering events over the past year (particularly CBC’s recent plea for more $, not to mention the “snowflakey” hyper-PC-ness to which we’re now subjected on a daily – if not hourly – basis), perhaps this has contributed to this excerpt’s current limited visibility beyond the confines of our sea to shining sea.

    P.S. In my books, Suzuki – whose antics and edicts bring shame to my alma mater, formerly known as UWO – is not and never was an “Environmental Scientist”. But, in a stretch, considering that his doctorate pertained to the life and times of “fruit flies” … I suppose in this day and ever-changing age, one could accord him such a label;-)


    • Ron Clutz · December 12, 2016

      Thanks for commenting Hilary. I always thought of you as the good Hilary (the second “l” is a disaster). Points well taken: more accurate title “Environmental Activist with scientific background”. I have the same alma mater problem with Stanford, though it is offset to some degree by people writing with a more skeptical slant at the Stanford Hoover Institution


  4. gnomish · December 12, 2016

    you can watch the vid with a canadian proxy
    it’s funny but neither the article nor the video are anti cawg in any way
    on the contrary, the object of ridicule is ‘inaction’


    • Ron Clutz · December 12, 2016

      Agreed gnomish. They are not looking into the climate science house of cards. The satire is, however, pointing out the discrepancy between the overblown rhetoric about the end of the world and the lack of any effective policies to do anything about it. And the blurb about Suzuki stapling one nostril shut is a step in the right direction.


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