School Choice Antidote to Indoctrination

This article School Choice Can Protect Kids From Classroom Indoctrination at RealClearEducation caught my attention since climate change dogma has been embedded throughout curricula, not limited to science instruction.

Interestingly, parents are now pushing back against progressive sex education content. Coincidently in the US these days, sexual behavior has become the determining (sole?) qualification for public service. Any misstep decades ago recalled by a woman as insulting is grounds for dismissal without evidence.  Watch out WSWM (Well-off Straight White Males), you are in the cross-hairs:
Some excerpts with my bolds describing this development in the school system.

Progressive educators are launching new offensives in the nation’s culture wars.

Washington State, for example, has put a sex-education curriculum, developed in part by Planned Parenthood, on its approved list, which has caused controversy in places like Spokane. Nevada’s Washoe County School District is currently debating a sex education curriculum that would introduce topics like anal and oral sex starting in 6th grade. In San Diego, the city’s school district adopted a graphic sex-education curriculum, which elicited a 2000-signature petition by parents opposed to the new materials.

The trend underscores the need for school choice policies. If teachers and curricula developers want to impose certain values on students, parents who disagree with those values should be free to educate their children elsewhere.

In 2014, California’s Fremont school district, with the unanimous support of the district’s health teachers, adopted a college-level health education textbook for use by its ninth-grade students, which discussed sex toys and extreme sexual practices.

Even in the liberal San Francisco Bay Area where Fremont is located, parents were incensed by the decision. As Fremont parent Asfia Ahmed told the New York Daily News, “The main problem is that this book treats the kids as adults and the content is adult.” Many parents complained that the textbook failed to reflect their family and cultural values.

The district ultimately abandoned the textbook, but only after a grassroots revolt of district parents who circulated petitions and packed school board meetings.

Transgender policies are yet another example of public schools imposing certain ideologies on students, despite objections from families who affirm traditional values.

In Pennsylvania, four male Boyertown High School students sued the school district in federal court over the district’s policy that allowed biological females who identify as transgendered to undress in the boys locker room. A federal judge ruled against the male students in August, but the students are appealing that decision.

Public school administrators and state curricula developers are growing increasingly intolerant of traditional values held by many parents and their children. Discussing her state’s approved sex-education curricula, Washington state education official Laurie Dils acknowledged that the system is rigged: “People were suggesting that an abstinence-based program would be more in line with the community values. Well, an abstinence-based curriculum is not really legal anymore.” In the face of such government disregard for the public and its values, it’s important to create alternative education options for families who hold such values.

An increasing number of states are implementing programs such as education savings accounts, tuition tax credits and vouchers that allow parents to choose non-public schooling options for their children. These programs need to be expanded in the states that have them and initiated in those that don’t so that all parents and their children can access education alternatives that meet their needs and preferences.


No child should be forced to go to an indoctrination center masquerading as a public school. School choice policies could ensure that “back to school” season no longer entails an assault on the values of millions of impressionable children.

Make no mistake.  Climate change is an integral part of progressive value-laden education.  Let’s also take action to encourage teaching of science as a mode of inquiry based in rational skepticism, rather than a catechism of eternal truths like global warming doctrine.


  1. rogercaiazza · November 21, 2017

    You have to wonder if years in the future the biological females who identify as transgendered will be suing the boys in the locker room for undressing in front of them.


    • Ron Clutz · November 21, 2017

      That could be. If the future society is female-dominant, they may well switch back. Just shows the post-normal absurdity: if everything is artificial, then nothing is permanent.


  2. Fred Streeter · November 23, 2017

    “No child should be forced to go to an indoctrination center masquerading as a public school. “
    I agree.

    In the UK, when attending Infant and Primary Schools, I had to attend Morning Assembly and recite prayers and sing hymns. It wasn’t until Secondary School that I was able to exercise my right to skip the religious portion of Assembly.
    (And then, only by masquerading as a Roman Catholic.)



    • Ron Clutz · November 23, 2017

      Thanks Fred for commenting. I must admit that “indoctrination” is not a black or white situation. Your example concerns religious rituals, where it is widely accepted that such beliefs are matters of opinion.
      Other topics are more complicated: for example in the article California parents objecting to sex education content might very well condone climate alarmism. I appreciate these ideas from philosopher Mortimer Adler:

      On the Difference Between Knowledge and Opinion

      Knowledge refers to knowing the truth, that is understanding reality independent of the person and his/her ideas. By definition, there is no such thing as “false knowledge.”

      When I show you two marbles then add two more marbles and ask you how many marbles there are, the answer is not a matter of opinion. You have no freedom to assert any opinion other than the answer “four”. By the axioms of mathematics we know the true answer to this question.

      A great many other issues in human society, politics and culture are matters of opinion, and each is free to hold an opinion different from others. In such cases, the right opinion is usually determined by counting noses with the majority view ruling.

      Note that school children are taught right opinions. That is, they are told what their elders and betters have concluded are the right answers to many questions about life and the world. Those children do not yet possess knowledge, because as Socrates well demonstrated, you have knowledge when you have both the right opinion and also know why it is right. Only when you have consulted the evidence and done your own analysis does your opinion serve as knowledge for you, rather than submission to an authority.

      I guess that is what you were doing when you exercised your rights in Secondary School. But as shown in the first image of a Muslim madrassa, those children are being taught what their parents believe are the right answers, and it may well be a private school. Also, the video provides an amusing look at post-modern education where the answer to “two plus two” may be answered by social proof rather than axioms of math.


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