Northwest Passage Adds Ice Aug. 27

August 23, 2018 . At least 22 vessels are affected and several have turned back to Greenland.

Update August 28, 2018

S/V CRYSTAL (Polish Crew) at Fort Ross Nunavut waiting Franklin ice and weather window to dash westward toward Nome Alaska.
QM20180827w Ft. Ross

Note yachts can sail through green (3/10), so the hope is for red to yellow to green.  But here are the last four days:
They are hoping for a storm Sept. 1-2 to open Franklin Strait where is the thick red ice.  Plan B is to wait another week for a wider weather window and more ice disintegration.  Plan C is to escape to the east.

From the Northwest Passage Blog (Aug. 22, 2018):
Good morning,
Due to heavier than normal ice concentrations in the Canadian arctic waters north of 70 degrees, the Canadian Coast Guard, recommends that pleasure craft do not navigate in the Beaufort Sea, Barrow, Peel Sound, Franklin Strait and Prince Regent. CCG icebreakers cannot safely escort pleasure craft. Operators of pleasure craft considering a northwest passage should also consider the risk of having to winter in a safe haven in the Arctic, or in the case of an emergency, be evacuated from beset vessels. Safety of mariners is our primary concern.

August 26:  FRANKLIN continues to improve with less ice and could be open by the first full week of September.


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