Greenland Makes Its Own Weather

This is a reblog from Ontario-Goldfish entitled Greenland blocks the warm air Excerpts in italics with my bolds.

All the doom-mongers said that Greenland would melt from the Europe stagnant air. Ha! This demonstrates interesting physics.

The warm air just bounces off Greenland. This shows the permanent high pressure air over the ice, and shows the winds.

And the ice stays as cold as ever. I never realized it before, but this demonstrates my concept of an ‘ice block’, which is a major component of my hypothesis for major ice advances. No need for solar cycles.

The glacier creates its own weather. That comes mainly from the ability to shed off solar heat flux, and to maintain a high pressure zone. This seems to only happen for continental ice sheets, the Arctic ocean has its own problems with the sea trying to melt it from below, so it isn’t cold enough for weather-making.

Thus, once a continental ice sheet starts (or the Arctic ice becomes very thick), then it’s a ‘snowball’ effect. The true Ice Age starts. But, as I have said, there is the little problem of the continents sinking under ice load, so we won’t have this for another few thousand years.

All the papers that reported this doom won’t follow through. People will be left with the impression that Greenland is melting, and impressions are what the warmies live on.



  1. Hifast · July 28, 2019

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  3. hunterson7 · August 1, 2019

    This summer I wasted my time nicely writing letters to Google asking them politely to stop supporting the anti-scientific claptrap of catastrophists.
    For my naive effort I got flooded with bullshit stories like this transparently false alarmist crap.
    Greenland *can’t* melt to any significance at all from a heat wave.
    Too imply otherwise is to promote magic over reality.


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