The Push for Climate Death Certificates

So now we have the climatists calling for attributing many more deaths to warmer temperatures in order to blame CO2 emissions. No doubt they noticed how powerful were the Covid19 death statistics in getting the public to comply with lockdown regulations. Their logic is clear: When people die with multiple diseases, pick the one that’s politically useful. (“Never let a crisis go to waste.”) Never mind that 90+% of Covid deaths were people with cancers, chronic lung disease, obesity, diabetes, and so on.

Ideological Perversion of Science

This push for climate death certificates demonstrates a recurring pattern: reducing life’s multitude of factors and values down to a single dimension as the be all and end all. Environmentalism puts nature first, ignoring that humans are a part of nature, and have a managerial role to play. Many naturalists have reduced further into climatists, who extrapolated the 1978 to 1998 warming into hellfire and brimstone for the planet. Anything bad that happens, from Acne to Zika virus, was caused by global warming/climate change.

These reductionists, or single-issue partisans, are upset that the public is not as concerned as they are. A recent Gallup pole of US voters reported that climate concerns ranked dead last among most important problems. Thus the interest in amping up the death tolls attributed to fossil fuels.

Where’s the Utility in Assigning Causes?

The fundamental flaw in all this advocacy is what to do about the threat. Currently there is much ado about a dam breaking in Michigan because of rainfall. Of course, it’s blamed on CO2 emissions, with concerns that more and more dams will fail because of higher precipitation. Buried in the details is the news that the dam operator was refused permission to release water from the reservoir to protect the fresh water mussels downstream. So we have not only single issue environmentalists, but also single-species advocates.

Even if there were evidence (generally there isn’t) to expect higher rainfall in a catchment area, what action would practically protect the dam? Sign up to an international Climate Treaty? Legislate quotas for electricity from renewables? Ban oil and gas pipeline? Divest from Big Energy companies? Sue somebody, everybody?

The only useful thing to do is reinforce the damsite to increase its capacity, which would likely involve heavy machinery powered by fossil fuels.

This is but one example of the upside-down thinking by all single-issue advocates, including climatists. If you claim hotter weather is coming (despite no statistical proof), what action would usefully protect against mortality? More and better air conditioning has worked so far, carbon offsets not so much.

Footnote:  For a discussion of how climate alarmists reduce reality down to their preconceived notion, see Climate Reductionism


  1. hunterson7 · May 23, 2020

    This is the secular equivalent of blaming death from the black plague as being caused by God’s punishment, or a witch’s evil spells.
    Climate extremism has already deeply damaged rational policy making and analysis across an apparently wide range of issues including ironically contagious disease.
    Now we are approaching the final stage of climate hype induced stupid: open rejection of science and reason.
    This is no different than an Inquisition committee deciding how to attribute some problem to Jews or Witches.
    There is literally no medical or scientific data behind this contrived and dangerous waste of time. The next step in this evik delusion is to attack the source of the faux cause of death: CO2 from fossil fuels.
    Criminalizing the miracle of coal, oil and natural gas is coming, and soon.


  2. hunterson7 · May 23, 2020

    Looking you up on Chrome, you had best be careful. A lot of irrational climate cultists really hate you and does their irrational tripe to work each themselves up.
    Keep up there good work.


    • Ron Clutz · May 23, 2020

      Thanks for the headsup, hunter. As you know, the true believers are a lost cause, it’s the uninformed and undecided who need access to unbiased data.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jamie Spry · May 23, 2020

    Good read. Thanks, Ron.


  4. Hifast · May 24, 2020

    Reblogged this on Climate Collections.


  5. Angusmac · May 24, 2020

    Dam failures are not unusual. An average of 10 dams per year fail in the US. Therefore, they cannot be attributed to climate change.

    See the link below which states that, “A dam failure that has flooded several communities in Michigan is not unusual, given that the US experiences an average of 10 failures annually, says Lori Spragens, executive director of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials.”


    • Ron Clutz · May 24, 2020

      Thanks for the background info Angus. Once again the alarm is discredited by historical data.


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