Florida Covid Winding Down

H/T Tom Woods

Virus hysterics smashed in 3 charts (thanks, Scott Atlas)

Many were wishing the worst upon Florida for opening up to normal life on September 26, but the charts below show how wise were Governor DeSantis and Floridians and how foolish are the lockdown fanatics.

First, here are COVID-19 hospitalization rates by age and month. The first section is for ages 0-44, the second for 45-64, and the third for 65+. The percentages for each group come down pretty consistently, as you can see:

Second, here are hospitalizations over time. Notice that the blue section, which represents COVID hospitalizations, is smaller or stable as you move into the future:

And finally, here’s Florida deaths with Covid by date of death:

Yes, there was a wave in July and August and a few weeks where daily deaths exceeded 200.  But the loss of life has declined steadily to the present.  For context, note that in 2019, there were 567 recorded deaths daily in Florida from all causes.


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