The World Since I Was Twelve

This is a reblog of  David Kreutzer’s article The World Since I Was Born at IER (Institute for Energy Research).  Excerpts in italics with my bolds.  My title change is due to me being a few years older than he.

Some climate Tweeters have taken to adorning their Twitter bios with the atmospheric CO2 concentration in the year of their birth. If there were room in my bio I would list that and some other stuff.


[Note: Superscript numbers refer to data sources linked in IER article.]

Since 1953, the increase in energy consumption may well be the primary driver of rising CO2 concentrations, but it has also been critical to the economic growth that drives phenomenally beneficial trends in virtually every metric of human wellbeing.

Rising energy consumption is almost certainly responsible for a portion of that 1.6 degree warming, but over the past century, the even greater warming has not been associated with any significant rising trends in world-wide hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, or wildfires.

My Comment:  As Alex Epstein and others have pointed out, the introduction of energy from fossil fuels made possible an extraordinary rise in human flourishing, shown in these graphs.


And in support of his concluding remark:




Resource Document:  Advance Briefing for Glasgow COP 2021

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