1. muunyayo · October 30, 2021


    Great stuff!!


  2. Virtual Reality · October 30, 2021

    Two thumbs up! Halloween hasn’t had the same impact over here as so many other imports from across the pond. I guess it’s just to gruesome for most Europeans to handle! The terror of global warming seems to me all people can digest these days!

    On a side note, I sent an email to the Swiss national broadcasting network (SRF) about their use of the term “climate sinners” when referring all the Swiss people that use there cars on a daily bases. The comment was during the news broadcast in a statement that the Swiss who use their cars are responsible for climate change and therefor climate sinners. (Klimasünder” = climate sinner) I pointed out they do not have the right to pass a moral judgement on Swiss citizens and should remain neutral.

    This term has been creeping into the everyday language of the news on a daily bases and often hourly. I don’t listen to the news but since we do have the radio on in the morning I’ve heard it and also read it. This kind of mantra has to be stopped. They are using the term as their own and not in reference to it being used by others.

    I got a response from the head of the news department claiming they didn’t want to offend someone personally, however the use of fossil fuels was causing climate change and therefore in a way the term was correct.

    I’m taking some time to work out a response to point out that there might be some important legal aspects that could refute this claim when they use the term.

    Let’s see what happens!

    Cheers and happy Halloween!


    • Ron Clutz · October 30, 2021

      Thanks VR. You might try reminding the journalists they are insulting a majority of the electorate, including those who grow their food.



      • Virtual Reality · October 31, 2021

        Hi Ron
        Thanks for pointing that out. I had read the article when you posted it. 😉 I was surprised by the outcome, but it was a very close result. I’m sure this isn’t over and will come up again in the near future.

        I’m really not sure I or anyone else can talk the news stations out of it propogating climate change. It’s very hard to talk someone out of their beliefs once they get infected by them. It has become groupthink, and you can’t question it. The walls are so thick that they have become impenetrable for the moment.

        The narcissistic nature of our primal instinct.
        Your efforts to bring people to a realistic view of the climate and our influence are almost impossible given the gale force winds that are blowing out there. People are so convinced that the weather out there has gotten worse that it has become impossible to point out that it hasn’t gotten worse. I would even go so far as to say that our human nature is very narcissistic, to the point that only we can influence everything on the planet and that no other influence could be involved. This is a basic psychology of our human nature, we would really like to believe that everything revolves around us.
        In the past, many cultures believed that the gods punished them for floods, drought and bad storms because they had committed a crime or a sin. The climate was always about us and our narcissistic selves that didn’t want to accept that nature was just doing its thing and we had nothing to do with it. Pointing that out is something I would like to hear more often, but also that would expose our helplessness even when there is nothing out there to worry about. That’s the real challenge, to bring a more balanced view to a climate and a culture that still lives in a primitive state of mind.

        I’m sure someone has writen about this and formulated it better then me.
        Cheers VR


      • Ron Clutz · October 31, 2021

        Thanks for expressing those thoughts about the lack of humility and delusions of grandeur underlying this whole climate charade. I am reminded of a post from years ago that used the word “hubris” a meaning the opposite of humility. The author ended his book with this:
        The world will be a better place

        -when governments agree to tame this monster and refocus their energies on issues within their competence;
        -when religious leaders and other elites accept that they have fallen prey to a movement whose motives are much darker and more damaging than they realize;
        -and when the media adopt a more balanced approach and provide the public with the critical assessment that is often missing from their reporting.

        It is time for all three to accept that the UN is pursuing a path that can only result in a less prosperous and more divided world.
        The post is:


        That clarity was pronounced in 2016, and momentum toward the cliff has only accelerated since.


  3. Virtual Reality · November 1, 2021

    Thanks for the link. Using the word “hubris” is even harsher than just pointing out how narcissistic we are. But in reading the article I would say that arrogance is actually spot on. I was being too kind in a way since I wasn’t using the term for the ring leaders of these movements.

    All the best, Cheers VR


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