COP Ignorants Pushing Wrong Agenda

Some reflections by Dick Storm at his blog Glascow, COP-26 Eltists and Special Interests Promote China First, America Last.  Why?  Excerpts in italics with my bolds.

Because savvy engineers were not successful in educating the public and politicians on the true facts.

Well, that is at least one reason we have such a mess of energy policy now.

Once a “War on Carbon”, Has now Morphed into a “War on Freedom”, “War on our Rights”, “War on Capitalism” and an assault on much of What “We the People” Have Worked Hard For. The clowns in Scotland are spending our tax dollars and restricting our freedoms as best they can. Essentially putting China and the rest of the world first, America last. All on our dime.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

America has been a leader by example in reducing carbon. The U.S.A. has reduced our carbon emissions by over 50% since 2005. How? By releasing the power of free markets and American innovation. At the end of President Trump’s term, America was energy independent. He did that in four years only to have Joe Biden reverse his policies.

The War on Fossil Fuels is not new and the intentions have always been to raise energy costs so that “Green Power” will become competitive. Yes, the intentions of President Biden, John Kerry, Al Gore and the rest of the Green Extremists (Reminder, the War on Coal started in the Clinton-Gore Administration. Obama just continued and accellerated anti American energy policies Clinton-Gore began) The war on carbon is intended to make Exploration, Development, Production and use of oil, gas, coal and even nuclear, more expensive and harder to use.

All of this as the world’s people still depend on Fossil Fuels and nuclear together for almost 90% of our total energy. How can our leaders be so ignorant and insensitive? Well, back in the 1990’s when bill Clinton started the “War on Coal”, I did my best to educate the public and the students of public schools and several Colleges on energy and electricity generation. I am proud of my efforts, small as they seem in the grand scheme of things. There is still a need for Energy Engineers to become active in PR for Energy!

Series on World of Hurt from Climate Policies

In support of such educational efforts, here are a series of four posts showing how wrong-headed are climate policies which are actually anti-energy and anti-human. Below are links to articles providing numerous charts exposing how hurtful are these policies, along with one example for each theme.

World of Hurt from Climate Policies-Part 1

This is a beginning post toward infographics exposing the damaging effects of Climate Policies upon the lives of ordinary people.  And all of the pain is for naught in fighting against global warming/climate change, as shown clearly in the image at bottom.  This post presents graphics to illustrate the first of four themes:

  • Zero Carbon Means Killing Real Jobs with Promises of Green Jobs
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions Means High Cost Energy Imports and Social Degradation
  • 100% Renewable Energy Means Sourcing Rare Metals Off-Planet
  • Leave it in the Ground Means Perpetual Poverty

Part 1: Zero Carbon will Decimate US Workforce

EID (Energy in Depth) atudy shows renewable energy transition pushed by climate activists will result in a net 3.8 million lost jobs.

World of Hurt from Climate Policies-Part 2

Part 2: California Exemplifies Ruination from Self-imposed Climate Policies

By blocking domestic production through permit denials, California is playing a shell game with emissions. Overall use of petroleum products has held steady but shifted from energy produced within the state – where the industry is subject to U.S. environmental regulations and supports local workers and companies – to overseas.

California isn’t reducing its dependence on oil; it’s just adding a higher carbon footprint to get it.

World of Hurt from Climate Policies-Part 3

Part 3: Wind and Solar Infrastructure Consumes Rare Metals Far Beyond World Supplies

This graph shows the annual metal demand for the six most critical metals, compared to the annual production. The dotted line represents present-day annual production.  

 Future annual critical metal demands of the energy transition surpass the total annual critical metal production.
• An exponential growth in renewable energy production capacity is not possible with present-day technologies and annual metal production. As an illustration: in 2050, the annual need for Indium (only for solar panel application) will exceed the present-day annual global production twelvefold.

World of Hurt from Climate Policies-Part 4

Part 4 The War Against Carbon Emissions Diminishes Efforts to Lift People Out of Poverty

How Climate Policies Keep People Poor

Note that the vision for 100% access to electric power was put forward by the African Development Bank in 2016.  (Above slides come from The Bank Group’s Strategy for The New Deal on Energy for Africa 2016 – 2025).  Instead of making finances available for such a plan, an International Cabal organized to deny any support for coal, the most available and inexpensive way to electrify Africa.

This is an organized campaign to deny coal-fired power anywhere in the world, despite coal being the starting point in the development pathway for every modern society, and currently the success model for Asia, and China in particular.




  1. mickmar21 · November 8, 2021

    When you look around at the state of the world it is clear to see that this is not going to end well for all of us ‘little people’.


  2. kommonsentsjane · November 8, 2021

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    We must realize that Biden is not in control – Obama and his idiot Hammer Score Board group are. We have to stop Obama.



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