World of CO2 Infographics

This post is to announce that Raymond Inauen of RIC-Communications has a website up for the public to access a series of infographics regarding CO2 and climate science.  As seen above, the website is  here:

The World of CO2


Readers will be aware of previous posts on the four themes to be discovered.  Raymond introduces this resource in this way:


Would you like to learn more about CO₂ so you can have informed conversations about climate policy and future energy investments? Or would you rather pass judgment on CO₂ after learning about the basics? Then this is the website for you.

There are 29 infographic images that can be downloaded in four PDF files.  Thanks again, Raymond for your interest and efforts to make essential scientific information available to one and all.


  1. HiFast · January 17

    Reblogged this on Climate Collections.

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  2. Dick Storm · January 18

    Ron, Thank you for posting. I perused through the many charts and data and am impressed with the detail and hard work that went into this web site. At this point of public perceptions, it will be hard to educate the general public on the true facts. However, all of us that have some knowledge need to do so. Your friend Raymond has done his part. I will do my best to spread the word of it’s existence. Keep up the great work!

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