Speak Up for MASIE

Recently when accessing MASIE for the daily ice extent update, I noticed this statement in the left margin of the home page:

NSIDC has received support to develop MASIE ice extent but not to maintain MASIE. We are actively seeking support to maintain the product over the long term. If you find MASIE helpful, please let us know with a quick message to NSIDC User Services.

So I sent them a message of appreciation:

To: nsidc@nsidc.org<nsidc@nsidc.org>;

Your dataset is invaluable since it represents multiple sources, including satellite passive microwave sensors, and is more precise in defining ice edges. I have been following MASIE for years, and was pleased to see the dataset for the last ten years released in November 2015. This ice extent record based on navigational observations is a vital resource for comparisons, not only with the satellite measurements, but also with the longer-term history of ice charts from Russia, Denmark, Norway and Canada.

Thank you, and please keep up the excellent work.

Ron Clutz
Blogsite: Science Matters

I received a nice reply and word that my message was forwarded to the team leader.

Any others wanting to see this dataset maintained might also want to communicate their interest.

“If you see something, Say something.”

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