US Students Improving Math

Breakthrough in Math Literacy could have implications for understanding climate science.

WASHINGTON—In what experts are describing as the most marked improvement in American academic performance in decades, a study released Friday by the U.S. Department of Education has found that the majority of the nation’s students have attained the skills necessary to recognize math.

“We were encouraged to find that when presented with a series of numbers, mathematical symbols, or even fairly complex equations, more than half of our young people were able to correctly identify math as the academic subject before them,” said Undersecretary of Education Ted Mitchell, who noted that for the first time on record, over 50 percent of the country’s first- through 12th-grade students are readily able to distinguish math from other areas of study when it appeared alongside English, social studies, foreign languages, or history on a standardized test.

“While our schools should feel proud of this accomplishment, let’s remember that we must keep striving to do better. Too many Americans still graduate high school without learning to recognize any math beyond basic arithmetic, and our nation’s children still lag far behind students in other developed nations in their ability to identify geometry, algebra, and calculus as math.”

A related Education Department study found that a majority of American eighth-graders are now able to look at a map of the earth and point to where the world is.

This was a Sunday funny from the Onion



  1. Bob Greene · July 31, 2016

    Had me most of the way through. Good find!


    • Ron Clutz · July 31, 2016

      Thanks Bob for commenting and for stopping by. I appreciated your work over the years at Junk Science, and for the encouragement you gave me when I first started blogging.


  2. THX1138 · August 1, 2016

    I just can’t stand it, I can’t let it go… it just sits there, unsolved…
    There! I feel so much better now.


    • Ron Clutz · August 1, 2016

      You are so old school. It should be enough you recognized it as an addition problem; it can then be handed off to someone with a STEM education.


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