Erratic Public interest in Science

Recently the media reported that people tend to discredit global warming alarms during cold spells and mild weather. Now we have a similar finding from the Onion (here).  New Report Finds Americans Most Interested In Science When Moon Looks Different Than Usual

ARLINGTON, VA—Explaining that readership of science-related articles and discussion of scientific concepts tends to surge at such times, a report released Thursday by the National Science Foundation confirmed that Americans are most interested in science when the moon looks different than normal.

“According to our findings, citizens are never more engaged by scientific disciplines than when the moon does not look like it regularly does—for example, when it becomes big or bright,” read the report in part, which added that while the nation’s interest in science is typically fairly minimal and consistent when the moon is its usual size and color, as soon as these properties of the moon differ in a noticeable way, millions of Americans begin displaying a desire to learn and share scientific knowledge.

“The moon is ordinarily white and relatively small, and science is not on most people’s minds. However, when the moon is no longer white and small, and instead happens to be large, reddish, temporarily darkened, or any combination of those things, people generally want to know more about the methodological study of natural phenomena. Of course, once the moon goes back to the way it normally looks, interest in how the universe works drops back to baseline levels.”

The report went on to mention that major changes to the Earth appeared not to garner Americans’ interest at all.

Another parody of science reporting includes Onion’s explanation of How Clinical Trials Work

A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a peaceful night.



  1. Sara Hall · December 24, 2016

    A Merry Christmas to you too! I do look forward to your posts, always written in plain english and very much to the point. :0)


    • Ron Clutz · December 24, 2016

      Thanks Sara, I am glad to hear of your interest in these posts. I write mostly to consolidate my own understandings, and then hopefully so that others can also find some meaning there. The new year will be turbulent with climatists pushing back against the new US administration, but I have hopes for realism to come from non-activists in power. Best wishes.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. manicbeancounter · December 25, 2016


    A Merry Christmas to you as well. Thank you for many thought provoking articles.

    Kevin Marshall


    • Ron Clutz · December 25, 2016

      Thanks Kevin, your comments here are always constructive and add insights from your own readings and research. All the best to you and yours in 2017.


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