Ontario Climate Policy Refugees

It is not climate change forcing migrations, but rather misguided climate policies like those in Ontario. Employers pushed to the wall by energy cost increases have to plan for growth in other jurisdictions where energy is reliable and affordable. In effect, Ontario businessmen who are succeeding against world competitors from the US, China and India, will be creating jobs elsewhere, a migration of employees directly resulting from CO2 hysteria.

Ontario manufacturers fighting Queen’s Park’s energy policy Toronto Sun

Byron Nelson has spent over three decades growing his manufacturing company in Ontario, only now to regret his choice.

As he tours a group of reporters around his Leland Industries Scarborough plant where they build nuts and bolts for export to the United States and Europe, he explains he’s losing a battle with the province. His hydro bills have soared over the past year and with Ontario’s new cap-and-trade system coming into effect next month, electricity and natural gas costs will likely spike by another 20%.

That’s why Nelson — and other manufacturers in the province — are choosing to expand their businesses in the U.S. instead of at home.

“By 1995 to 2000, China had moved in and we fought China on the world trade and won,” Nelson said Tuesday during a press conference of the newly formed Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers in Ontario.

“Now our bigger problem is we’ve got to fight the province on controlling some of our hydro costs, which have totally skyrocketed. Our electricity bill has already increased 42% over the past few years. I’ve done the math and I’m looking at a cost increase that is going to take it to over $800,000 a year and with cap-and-trade, it’ll be near $1 million.”

Leland Industries plant, Scarborough Ontario

Leland Industries plant, Scarborough Ontario

Ontario’s new cap-and-trade system will cause electricity and natural gas costs to rise even higher. Toronto Star

Jocelyn Williams Bamford — vice president of Automatic Coating Limited and spokeswoman for the Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers in Ontario — said Leland is one of many smaller and medium-sized Ontario-based manufacturers that are looking to grow and seriously considering investing outside of Ontario.

“Ontario’s energy costs are rising so quickly many manufacturers are reassessing whether it makes sense to expand production in this province,” she said Tuesday in a statement.
Bamford said manufacturers have become more competitive and have been able to reduce emissions at the same time because they have invested in new technologies.

“Higher energy costs leave us less money for investment. And, if manufacturers can’t invest in Ontario, it’s not good for the economy or for jobs in this province. Ultimately, it’s not good for the environment either,” she said.

CEO of Leland Industries Byron Nelson says the company will not invest in Ontario any more because ‘the costs are just out of sight.’ Nelson said Ontario has already lost a lot of manufacturers and will lose more because those in government “just do not understand.”


Virtue signaling is not free. Ontario politicians want to look good to UN leaders, but the result is forcing employers to migrate jobs elsewhere. Until now politicians have naively bought into alarms from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Maybe they should pay attention instead to the Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers.


  1. Climate Otter · December 28, 2016

    My wife and I live in the Niagara Peninsula. The region is being carpeted with worthless wind turbines…. food and energy prices have jumped enormously. Thank God oil is still being pumped overtime, it is keeping gasoline prices down…. We’ve got to keep many irons in the fire just to stay ahead of things and try to build our retirement fund.


  2. jack broughton · December 28, 2016

    Sadly, the so-called “climate scientists” are still winning the war.
    Trump seems to be the only hope of sense…… omg, did I say that????


    • Shooter · December 29, 2016

      Only in some places. They’re not so much winning as getting desperate these days.


  3. Shooter · December 29, 2016

    I’m an Ontarian. Kathleen Wynne is indeed one of those politicians who doesn’t ‘get it’. She’s as dumb as a sack of rocks, as Trudeau and McKenna are, because they believe introducing green energy commitments are going to make the world cleaner. Meanwhile, we commonfolk have to pay the price, and dearly. Most of our paycheques go to electricity bills, and people cannot afford them anymore. I want to tell that witch Wynne that because of her, OUR jobs, OUR companies, OUR workers are moving to the US to work, taking would-be capital with them. But the dumb broad doesn’t get it. She’s too busy concerning herself with activists and eating out of her silver trays and reclining in plush chairs. She doesn’t have to suffer as we do. She gets six figures a year – we don’t. I want to tell her, ‘Thanks a lot, bitch,’ but these days you’ll get smacked with a fine.


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