Truth in Climate Advertising

Friends of the Earth have been censured for their erroneous and misleading promotional flyer. The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said Friends of the Earth “agreed not to repeat the claims, or claims that had the same meaning.”

Friends of the Earth spent more than a year trying to defend its claims, which were made in a fundraising leaflet, but has been forced to withdraw them.

The authority found that Friends of the Earth (FoE) failed to substantiate claims that fracking could cause cancer, contaminate water supplies, increase asthma rates and send house prices plummeting.

The group’s capitulation is a victory for a retired vicar and a retired physics teacher who have been working for years to expose what they believe is scaremongering about a safe technique for extracting shale gas. (More about them in the footnote)

Truth in Climate Advertising!  What a Concept!!

Who’s next?  What about Greenpeace:

Greenpeace have been accused of employing deceptive techniques after it was revealed the environmental group had been using images of a storm damaged coral reef in The Philippines as a part of its campaign to have the Great Barrier Reef declared at risk.

On the left is a picture of bright, vibrant and thriving coral, while the image on the right features a pile of damaged, bone-white coral with a warning: ‘Don’t let them turn this, into this.’

Upon completing further research, it was discovered the image of the damaged reef was taken at Apo Island’s marine sanctuary in The Philippines, which was severely damaged by two typhoons in the past four years. From the Daily Mail article
Greenpeace slammed for using photo of storm-ravaged Philippines coral in new ad claiming government is putting Great Barrier Reef under threat.

How about the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC):

Shouldn’t they be forced to add this disclaimer:



Friends of the Earth are making up stuff.  Friends of Science give you the Beef:



The UK Advertising Standards Authority did not have the brass to do their job protecting the public against deceptions.  It took significant prodding from two determined people: a vicar and a retired school teacher.

They had previously complained to the Charity commission, who found a way to stand down rather than stand up.

The Charity Commission is considering closing a loophole in charity law that allowed a green group to raise money by making allegedly false claims in a political campaign against fracking.

Friends of the Earth, a registered charity, avoided restrictions on political activity by claiming that its antifracking campaign was being carried out by a non-charitable company called Friends of the Earth Limited.

The commission said the use of such similar names could confuse the public and damage public trust in charities.

Mr Wilkinson, who said that he had no connection with the fracking industry and was acting purely to ensure the public received accurate information, welcomed the ASA ruling. “It is outrageous that FoE used false information to raise money,” he said. “We need a frank debate about fracking and its potential impacts but it should be based on facts, not scaremongering.”

The Rev. Michael Roberts tells the full story in his article How Fiendish is Friends of the Earth which includes this amusing rebuttal:




  1. Climatism · January 6, 2017

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    What other climate change marketing falsehoods are you exposed to on a daily basis from climate activist groups pushing ‘earth-worship’ ideology, including government institutions – NASA, NOAA, BoM, CSIRO, NSIDC, NCDC, MetUK ??

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  2. catweazle666 · January 6, 2017

    More good news…


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  4. manicbeancounter · January 7, 2017

    Friends of the Earth did not hold their hands up, and say fair cop. Instead in a statement on the FoE website, they tried to make it appear that the ASA had dropped the case against them. That lead the ASA Chief Executive Guy Parker to take the unusual step of issuing a rebuttal. This included the following statement.

    But amidst the reports, the public comments by the parties involved and the social media chatter, there’s a risk that the facts become obscured.

    So let me be clear. We told Friends of the Earth that based on the evidence we’d seen, claims it made in its anti-fracking leaflet or claims with the same meaning cannot be repeated, and asked for an assurance that they wouldn’t be. Friends of the Earth gave us an assurance to that effect. Unless the evidence changes, that means it mustn’t repeat in ads claims about the effects of fracking on the health of local populations, drinking water or property prices.

    Friends of the Earth has said we “dropped the case”. That’s not an accurate reflection of what’s happened.

    FoE also continue to put out false messages that fracking is harmful, when pointing to “scientific evidence” about the supposed harms of fracking. But their evidence points to hundreds of studies, none of which can identify, beyond reasonable doubt, that there is a significant large risk to human health of fracking if carried out properly. See my post for references and a fuller account.


    • Ron Clutz · January 7, 2017

      Thanks manic, good to see ASA showing spine on this. FoE avoided a ruling by promising to change comply with the reprimand. Looks like FoE is in denial and acting in bad faith. Preparing popcorn.


      • manicbeancounter · January 8, 2017

        FoE is in denial about fracking in the UK. Huge reserves of shale gas have recently been discovered, that could meet all current UK demand for at least 50 years. Like in the USA it could lower energy costs and create hundreds of thousands of jobs. FoE are leading the moves to prevent this happening. I have looked at their main webpage on fracking. The key points I make are:-

        The claims of dangers of fracking raise questions, that need to be answered before they can be considered credible.

        – The claim that fracking could affect house prices is totally unsupported.
        – The claim that shale gas will not significantly affect energy prices is based on out of date data. The British Geological Survey has shown that the potential of shale gas is huge. Friends of the Earth has played a major role in preventing that potential being realized.
        – FoE has consequently helped prevent shale gas from relieving the energy crisis brought upon by the Climate Change Act 2008.
        – Claims that pursuing shale gas in Britain will affect global emissions are pure fantasy. Also is a fantasy the belief that Britain is leading the way on emissions reductions. We ain’t leading if collectively the world is not following. The evidence shows clearly shows this.


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