The Deadly Lockdowns

H/T to Paul Noel writing at Quora responding to the question:

How much impact would current shelter-in-place practices have on the climate crisis if we were to continue them indefinitely?

Don’t try it you will die. This is a common misunderstanding of medical treatments. If I shoot your heart with Epinephrine during a heart attack it may save your life. It may even take a second shot or a third to work. But don’t even consider doing it a 4th time.

You see this is how that drug works. It causes the heart which in a heart attack is already dying for lack of energy to burn through its energy reserves even faster. The few doses work but by the 4th dose the heart has no reserve energy. You couldn’t get it to move if you tried.

All of the “good things” you think are happening with the COVID-19 lockdowns are exactly the same as with that heart. You are seeing a lockdown that appears to you to have no harm and the energy from outside is dropping so you think you have no problem. What you are not seeing is your society is fast burning through its vital resources. Very soon all the tricks will burn through all the resources and then NOTHING will work. Then people will be dying in masses from the treatment. If we get the world back to running as usual it make take a bit of “rehab” but we will get back and burn even more fuel to make up for the burned up reserves. It will take that to get us back to strong again.

What you are celebrating is DEATH happening! The reduction in fuel use must come from somewhere. Right now it is coming from the grain bins and from the prepackaged stores of energy that you call food. The nation states have commanded with lockdown and stimulus packages the exact situation with the heart and the epinephrine. They have told a dying economy to kick in the reserves. Stupid people think this can work for a long time. It cannot. It is fatal. You and your economy are being poisoned to try to cure a dangerous situation. Epinephrine is a deadly poison! Yes I do know the use of it very well I am ACLS and Heart Transplant qualified.

What is happening with the world’s ships parked and our cities shut down is that we are running out of energy. Oh yes the oil bins are full but the vital energy like fertilizer is not reaching the people in Africa etc. When they don’t get their stuff and their food and etc, the game will end very badly.

I think people arguing this have no idea what saved the whales from extinction. They think it was Greenpeace. It wasn’t. It was the discovery of Oil in Pennsylvania. You see the world was about to come to a halt from lack of whale oil and that was what drove the discovery. Oil saved the whales. You shut down the oil gas and coal and you will soon see all life swept from the land and the seas. You are not going to see a wonderful world, you are going to see a massive FAMINE!

Summary:  Hunger and Poverty are the two greatest killers of humanity, and hundreds of millions of people are now at risk because of the global economic shutdown.

Scott Atlas explains the medical realities for ending the shutdowns now.

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