WordPress Censorship?

A strange thing happened this morning.  I wanted to improve some wording in a post from last night, and the edit function came up in WordPress block editor.  To my surprise, some of the text and image blocks were no longer visible, covered with a warning label:  “This block contains unexpected or invalid content.” Canceled text started with a reference to the last US election and a video image of Biden signing executive orders.

If I open the post in classical editor, the text is available as I wrote it.  And the post still appears without censorship:  See: Climate Science Victim of Fake News

Footnote:  As suggested in comment below, here is a screenshot:

Hitting the “Attempt Block Recovery” button creates a blank block.


  1. Margy · January 26, 2021

    WordPress seems to have violated their own Terms of Service and User Guidelines. They say ” We prohibit content that incites, encourages, threatens, or promotes acts of violence against individuals or groups of people. We also remove content that glorifies acts of violence or its perpetrators.” They wash their hands of anything else: “We don’t endorse any Content or represent that Content is accurate, useful, or not harmful. Content could be offensive, indecent, or objectionable; include technical inaccuracies, typographical mistakes, or other errors; or violate or infringe the privacy, publicity rights, intellectual property rights, or other proprietary rights of third parties.”


  2. Adriaan Keij · January 26, 2021

    Posting a screenshot of the warning label would be great – that way others can try for themselves 😏


  3. RLMartin · March 4, 2021

    Usually, when you hit attempt recovery it gives you the option to convert to html. I just ran into a problem where most of my posts do not appear on my page online. They appear in my admin account, but they are not visible to the public.

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