Media Ignore Worldwide Revolt Against Covid Tyranny

Brownstone Institute compiled videos from around the world showing citizens protesting irrational restrictions imposed by Covid despots.  The article is Protests and Rage Against Lockdowns and Mandates All Over the World

As deadlines loom for mandatory vaccines, and the more lockdowns come to many countries of the world, people have taken to the streets in protest. In the typical case, local media either neglects to report on this or improperly characterizes them as “right wing” or “anti-vaxx.” It is likely that most people who get their news only from mainstream TV or The New York Times know nothing about what is happening.

The videos below, carefully chronicled by our friend Aaron Ginn, document what the media has neglected, even though this is the largest global protest movement to appear in decades. Keep in mind that this is only footage from select places from the last week. There are many more not appearing here and such protests have been building for more than a year.

These videos indicate the arrival of a turning point. Governments can continue to press these lockdowns and mandates against all scientific evidence and good public health or they can listen to the pains and anger of their own people.

Genova, Italy

Tbilisi, Georgia

London, England

Vancouver, Canada 

Melbourne, Australia

Northern Ireland 


Vienna, Austria 

Linz, Austria

New Zealand 

Budapest, Hungary

New York City 


The Netherlands 

Toronto, Canada 


Oslo, Norway ​


Manchester, England 

Milan, Italy 

Rome, Italy 

Turin, Italy 

Naples, Italy 

Florence, Italy 

Perth, Australia 

Brisbane, Australia 

Paris, France 

Nice, France 

Montpellier, France

Guadaloupe, Caribbean 


Prague, Czech Republic 





Oregon, USA 


To be continued…


  1. mickmar21 · November 23, 2021

    Now the entire world is waiting with baited breath for the media and politicians to understand this is about mandates and control and not a ragtag mob of evil unvaccinated, tinfoil hat wearing scum which is pretty much the way the protesters are described in the hope that they can fool all of the people all of the time.

    Pretty soon mandate protests will be linked to toxic masculinity, racism or white supremacy just to keep the narrative alive.

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  2. beththeserf · November 23, 2021

    Thanks for this, We need to spread it around, by-pass the Leftist Medja’s cone of silence.


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