People’s Convoy Versus Baby Faced Dictator

Update on the Canadian struggle to recover freedoms is at Daily Wire ‘These Very Powers … Are Why We Are Here’: Canadian Protesters ‘Dig Their Heels In’ Against Trudeau’s Crackdown.  Excerpts in italics with my bolds.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Monday announcement invoking the Emergencies Act to break a weeks-long protest in Ottawa has only served to inspire more resistance, one protest organizer told The Daily Wire.

The Freedom Convoy, a loose coalition of truckers protesting vaccine mandates and other COVID-19 restrictions, rolled into Ottawa in late January and has camped downtown since. The protesters have congested parts of the city around Canada’s seat of government on Parliament Hill while demanding a loosening of COVID-19 restrictions.

So far, Trudeau has refused to meet with the truckers, instead employing increasingly hard-nosed political and legal tactics to try and break the protest.

David Paisley says he has been protesting for weeks now and, as a street captain, helps organize protesters and direct those who wish to support the cause with funds, goods, or services. Paisley told The Daily Wire that Trudeau’s announcement, which made headlines across major news organizations in the U.S. and Canada, went off barely noticed by the protesters on the ground.

“No one really cares about any new announcement. I mean the police have been breaking the law long before any emergency power. They were taking our fuel away. They were arresting people for purely having jerry cans or having empty tanks of fuel,” he said.  “They’ve already been doing these ‘emergency powers’ and all it does is make people dig their heels in more,” Paisley added.

“The irony … is that these very powers and threats are why we are here.”

Trudeau announced in a press conference Monday afternoon that he was authorizing the federal government’s use of the Emergencies Act, a law passed in the late 1980s to take the place of the War Measures Act. The act strengthens Canadian law enforcements’ ability to fine and imprison violators and ensures the operation of “essential services” such as towing rigs, Trudeau said during his press conference. It also empowers banks and financial institutions to freeze the accounts of any person or business suspected of being involved with an “illegal blockade.”

Paisley said that the protest would continue despite frozen bank accounts or impounded trucks until every protester is cuffed and thrown in prison.

“[The Trudeau government] underestimated the determination and the intelligence of those here, and so everyone still here on the ground, they’re basically willing to give their lives for this – peacefully of course,” Paisley said.

“They’re prepared to drain every last dollar, even from frozen bank accounts,” he added later.

The truckers in Ottawa have received wave after wave of support in the form of cash funds, food, fuel, letters, and even a free laundry service by two ladies who walk Paisley’s street every day collecting clothes. The trucker said he received word on Monday from two men who wanted to deliver hundreds of liters of extra diesel fuel for the convoy.

“You come and sit in the driver’s seat for a few hours and you’ll be able to fill up your wallet again. It’s incredible. People are just handing you fifties, hundreds, packs of hundreds. A friend of mine received a Bible and when he opened it up it had 500 cash inside the bible,” Paisley said.

“The more the government tries to stomp this out, the more and more it causes people to rise up and say ‘this is wrong, and I side with these truckers,’” he said. “These steps from the government have simply hardened the determination of the great men and women down here, so I’m not really concerned at all.

We’ll have lots of new friends when we all get tossed in prison together.”


GiveSendGo hacked, donors leaked amid fundraiser for Canadian trucker convoy protest

The Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo has been hacked and temporarily disabled after it facilitated the raising of nearly $9 million for the convoy of Canadian truckers who have been protesting vaccine mandates.

The Delaware-based organization, which hosted a crowdfunding effort for the Canadian truckers after crowdfunding site GoFundMe took down their initial fundraiser at the urging of the Canadian government, was disabled Sunday night. Visitors were redirected to the domain GiveSendGone[.]wtf.

The site had raised over $8.7 million in one week after the GoFundMe effort was taken down.

The [hacker’s] statement alleged that those who had contributed to the fundraiser were the same ones who had “helped fund the January 6 insurrection in the U.S.” and had “helped fund an insurrection in Ottawa.”

GiveSendGo’s list of donors, approximately 92,000 of them, was also leaked and shared online.

The site stated on Feb. 10 in response to previous Canadian court efforts to halt the funds that the Canadian government “has absolutely ZERO jurisdiction over how we manage our funds here” and that all the donations “flow directly to the recipients of those campaigns, not least of which is The Freedom Convoy campaign.”

OK, maybe not so baby faced


  1. Bruce Sanders · February 15, 2022

    Use of money laundering laws to go after one’s political rivals in Canada was never the intent of said law. If you want this law, debate it in parliament.


    • Ron Clutz · February 15, 2022

      Indeed Bruce. Justin’s father, when asked how far he would go with invoking War Measures in 1970, replied, “Just Watch Me.” IMO Justin wants his own Jan 6 “insurrection”, as if the Conservatives were putting up any kind of resistance.
      Meanwhile, the citizenry is appalled at this despotism, many having come here to escape such tyranny in other places. Yet nary a populist politician to come to the rescue.


      • Bruce Sanders · February 16, 2022

        And oddly enough, ANYONE in Parliament could have come to the rescue. I am reminded of that time when the late George Springate was #4 on the FLQ hit list, and then #3 when Laporte died. The FLQ thought Springate was anti-french when he was only pro-all. But he did say that if the Bourassa government had of actually dealt with the FLQ in good faith it all could have ended. All the quebecois wanted as respect, that is all. The riot (just before my time) in the Forum in 1955 was a huge lightbulb that no one should have missed. Did Richard deserve a suspension for the hit on Laycoe, debatable. Was Richard justified in going after Laycoe absolutely because Campbell had allowed every other team to go after him without any consequence for all those years. Like today, a person can only take so much. Richard tried to calm french supporters in Quebec afterwards, but he was barely sincere but who can blame him? This as told to me by George Springate many years ago. Springate was an usher in the Forum when the incident occurred! I would have loved to know what Springate thought of this mess going on now! Some of these new Canadians were probably given the oath by him!!!


      • Ron Clutz · February 16, 2022

        Bruce, thanks for the colorful history and its connection to today. I came to Montreal later (around Olympics 76), became a hockey fan and heard of the Richard saga without your details. Of course, one of the interesting dynamics at the moment is Quebec’s aversion to any federal emergency powers exercised on Quebec territory. As an aside, I remember how the organizers decided how to layout the walkways on the Expo 67 site. They planted grass everywhere, then observed where people walked between exhibition buildings. When the paths were established by visitors, they were paved and made permanent.

        Imagine, letting people decide how they want to move about! Reminds of the Little Prince rather than this Princeling wannabe.


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  3. jchr12 · February 15, 2022

    Dear Canada, 45,400 Canadians died in WW2 to help save the world from Nazism. Are you going to allow Justin Trudeau to align himself with another Nazi – Klaus Schwab – as a graduate of the WEF ‘world leaders programme’ to usher in pure unadulterated communism? He is sneering at you and the memory of your brave fathers. The world is watching.


    • Ron Clutz · February 15, 2022

      Thanks for the heads up jchr.

      Bill Gates (Global Leader of Tomorrow 1992) and Justin Trudeau (Young Global Leader, unknown class)
      “I have to say then I mention names like Mrs Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on they all have been Young Global Leaders of The World Economic Forum. But what we are really proud of now with the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, is that we penetrate the cabinets… It is true in Argentina and it is true in France now…” (Klaus Schwab)

      Also on the list is Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Canada

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