Oil Is Progress. Warming Alarmism Is Regression.

Rob Smith writes at Real Clear Markets Oil Consumption Is About Progress. Global Warming Is About Alarmism.  Excerpts in italics with my bolds and added images.

Why is it that we are ruled by the dumbest on the planet? As I have previously stated, there is NO threat that “systematic climate change” is going to change our lives one iota, much less ruin the planet. It is a sham, and Dear Reader, if you don’t understand “what’s up” after witnessing the government’s Covid 19 fear campaign, you get a free membership into the “Docile Non-Thinking Sheep Society.” Baa.

Virtually everything government officials and their foot soldiers told us about Covid turned out to be a lie.

Notice, I did not use, the more diplomatic term “untrue.” They knew they were spreading misinformation and doing everything in their power to cancel anyone exposing their deception. Masks don’t work, but they do deprive one of needed oxygen and cause children to develop speech issues. Prophylactics that could have saved over 500,000 lives were banned and disparaged as “dangerous.” The “Know It Alls” put Covid patients in nursing homes, tens of thousands of non-sick then died. They said you won’t get the virus if you have the vaccine, and that the vaccine would prevent the virus from spreading. “The vaccines are perfectly safe,” evidence is mounting that the CDC and our government elites knew this to be untrue. Millions were prevented from seeing their doctors, visits that would have detected serious illnesses like cancer and heart problems. Thousands died needlessly. Our so called “experts” response to every issue was 180 degrees from what it should have been. “Awake, dear heart, awake. Thou hast slept well. Awake.” As Americans awake from their hypnotic slumber and the Covid “tempest” passes, we should never forget what our government did to us.

Had officials in the federal government done absolutely nothing to combat Covid, many less people would have died.

Instead they purposefully spread fear, and in doing so, it gave them the power to transfer trillions of dollars of wealth to favored constituencies depriving the private sector and market forces to determine the most efficacious uses of these resources. These people shut down millions of businesses and forbid people from going to work or in some areas leaving their homes just to walk down the street. It was likely the stupidest decision in mankind’s history.

These are the same “authorities” lecturing you on “climate change.” Why would you believe anything they say?

Before the advent of fossil fuels, man existed in a Hobbesian world where life was “solitary, brutish, nasty and short.” Slavery and servitude was the norm. The amount of time that has elapsed since Col. Drake drilled the first oil well in 1859 is only 163 years. This represents less than .000543 % of modern man’s existence on earth. In other words, for 99.999467 % of man’s history, man did not harness petroleum products and life absolutely sucked.

In just .000543% of modern man’s existence, life on earth has improved 1,000 fold. An absolute miracle and an impossibly without the oil and gas industry. Americans should erect giant statues of oil rigs in every town square with inscriptions of adulation venerating the industry’s accomplishments and the benefits it has provided humanity. Yet, the absolute stupidest people in the world want to eliminate this fuel source. Unfortunately, moronic people are pretty good at getting elected to office. Dementia Joe and the witless AOC, both stupid on steroids, are now in control of our energy policy. Joe whose family got rich whoring themselves to foreign oil and gas companies, set out to destroy the American oil and gas business on his first day in office. The chickens are coming home to roost as the global consequences of nitwits interfering in these market forces are now apparent. America was energy independent and a net exporter of oil and gas immediately before Brandon’s inauguration. The less energy America produces, the less supply on the world market and the greater the costs. In 2020, the average price of oil was $39.68/barrel. It peaked over the weekend at $130/barrel. In Slow Joe’s State of the Union address, he mentioned that the way to beat inflation is to “Buy American.” That is a ridiculous understanding of economics, as the exact opposite is true, robust worldwide trade reduces prices. But if Joe wants America to buy American, why destroy the American energy sector? It is all being done at the altar of the false god of “Climate Change.” That is how the high priests and apostles of Climate Change think.

Industrial policy where government directs resources to decide winners and losers is always a disaster. It is a “grim” fairy tale. Look at the accomplishments and incredible efficiencies of the oil and gas industry and the combustible engine. Before Sleepy was inaugurated, I could buy a gallon of gas for less than a bottle of water. This gallon of energy was pulled out of the ground as crude oil thousands of miles away, then shipped to a refinery where it was turned into gas, then shipped to the Texaco station 5 blocks from my house. This one unit of energy could power my 5,000 lb. German car, with a carload of occupants and luggage to the next town 25 miles away for less than $2. There are over 150,000 easily accessible and well-located fueling stations around the country and likely an equal amount of repair shops. If my car needs a new fuel pump, I can purchase it online and have it delivered to me the next day. I used to own several gas stations. If a dropped my prices $.05/gallon, every other gas station within 20 miles would follow my lead. There is no industry more competitive and efficient than the oil and gas industry, nor one that provides so much convenience to the consumer, not to mention benefits enjoyed by the entire world. Yet, the “Apostles of Doom” want to destroy it. This entire energy infrastructure was built solely by market forces. There were no pointy-head Harvard grads in the Commerce Department deciding how to extract oil from the ground or where to place gas stations. No government industrial policy made this happen. Zilch, Nada, Zero. It is an amazing testimony to the wonders of capitalism.

Yet, despite the wonderous efficiency of the oil and gas industry, we have stupid people (many are Harvard grads), who ignore the miraculous phenomenon that is right smack in front of their eyes. Why we want to worship the Golden Calf, not the God that delivered us from bondage! The simple-minded charlatans of Climate Change want to wave their magic wand and eliminate this entire industry. Untethered to reality, they think if they click their ruby slippers three times and utter “Renewable Energy” then this new industry magically appears. These are the same dolts who force taxpayers to pay subsidies to Iowa farmers to grow corn for ethanol, a fuel source that reduces gas mileage and damages engines. Brilliant. Only pompous, soft handed, sneering government elitists and their sycophants would think growing food for cars instead of people is a good idea. The “Dolts” know better than the trillions upon trillions of decisions of people voting with their own money who like the current system. It is stupid beyond words, so to achieve their objectives, they must do the Covid 19 Tango and spread lies, fear and deception and then mandate acceptance of their remedy against your will. If one calls them out on their fear tactics that person becomes an enemy of the state. How stupid was it to shut down practically every business in the country during Covid? Astoundingly stupid. How stupid is it to promote electric vehicles stating they reduce our reliance on fossil fuels when all the energy to charge the batteries comes from fossil fuels?

Let me tell you what our national energy policy should be in two words: Do Nothing.

I assume one day; the oil and gas industry might fade away. It might be 50 years or 1,000 years from now. When it does fade away, it will be because market forces allocate resources to new technologies that have not yet been invented or perfected. Maybe it is electric, fusion or nuclear, but it could just as easily be that some West Virginia hillbilly (no offense to hillbillies) invents the new technology by tinkering around in his basement. Having the government misallocate resources through mandated industrial policies just keeps capital out of the hands of the most talented and productive and retards growth and innovation.

So if you are a member of the Docile Non-Thinking Sheep Society, take a deep breath. Now exhale. You just exhaled carbon. It is a natural substance. Without it all life on earth ceases to exist. The planet is not going to implode. Take a chill pill. Get a life. Trade in your girly-man Prius and buy a Hummer.



  1. HiFast · March 9, 2022

    Reblogged this on Climate Collections.


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  3. Sammy LYLE · March 9, 2022

    Absolutely the most succinct comment on global warming lunacy that I have ever read. Thank you.


    • Ron Clutz · March 9, 2022

      Thanks, Sammy, that confirms my impression of the article. Much appreciated.


      • Sammy LYLE · March 10, 2022

        Its not just that one article that grabbed me Ron,but your entire “Science Matters” news page. You are my daily morning newspaper . I am a semi-retired race car engineer (still playing with them at 70} so have a lifetime of experience with materials technology, in particular attempting to derive maximum performance from a vehicle so I have a pretty good feel for what works and what does not. I was mightily struck by the recent statement by the manager of KTM, Europes largest motorcycle (and recently sports car) manufacturer. He said that in order to complete the same race distance and power output that one of his KTM Moto GP race bikes does on a tank of gas, an electric motorcycle would need a theoretical battery pack weighing 500kg!That would slow the bike down a wee bit!
        As for the farcical and boring electric race car series, a couple of points.
        (1) look at their tyre width. They run narrow tyres. really narrow compared to a petrol-fuelled race car. To me that is a dead giveaway that they are not very powerful. When you have a powerful race car, you need wide tyres to transfer all that power to the track. If you put skinny tyres on they wheelspin and lose traction. So a race car that is on skinnys never a powerful car. (in relative terms) An exception of course is land-speed record cars, where traction is not the issue)
        (2) the cars come in halfway through the (boring) race and have their battery pack changed. They have to wheel the battery packs around on a trolley, they are ridiculously huge and heavy compared to a regular fuel tank. The races are less than an hour, and they are changing the entire pack halfway through. the fresh battery packs are out the back of the pits being charged by high-output diesel generators that are a part of the whole charade. Please dont quote me on the exact numbers, as I cant be bothered checking up right now, but you get the picture. Its the same smoke and mirrors that they are using on the general public, but us old race car guys can spot bullshirt from 100 yards.


      • Ron Clutz · March 10, 2022

        Thanks Sammy. Good to know where you’re coming from. Hope you continue to find this information portal useful.


  4. Virtual Reality · March 10, 2022

    It still hasn’t hit the suburban middle class citizen living in the “privileged” safe and sound world of snuggling comforts of home office and zoom calls. It certainly hasn’t made a dent in the present Liberal government’s direction of a carbon neutral country. JT is so convinced by his ideology he’ll sink the ship before changing his mind, something Putin is doing just as well with his own ideology. Both are leading in a direction of driving everyone over the cliff with them. Sheep are stupid so the shepherds had better be smarter to avoid the pitfalls! The world is coming to an end, but it won’t due to climate change! Sorry being a little morbid today! VR


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