Ban Ki-moon, Listen to the Masses!

Over 10 million ordinary people have told the UN what matters most to them, and here are the results.

According to this huge UN survey, good education, healthcare and jobs are far and away the top priorities. And way down at the bottom is “Action taken on climate change.” You would think that the UN Secretary-General would have many things on his plate, and even “Phone and Internet Access” comes ahead of climate change.

Yet because Ki-moon is seeking a legacy in bringing the Paris accord into force, that last-place concern is at the top of his agenda.


In a previous post Hammer and Nail I suggested that climate activists like Ban Ki-Moon are working on their own needs for esteem and self-actualization, while most of the world are struggling with the most basic needs. This survey proves that point, especially when charts show that only in richer, more developed countries does climate change rise a few steps above the bottom.

It could be argued that the Paris accord is not really action on climate change, just symbolism like the Angry Bird, but it is still a focus on the thing that matters least to the masses.
More on misplaced ecological priorities at Daily Maverick


From the Final Episode of Yes Prime Minister (on the subject of climate change)

PM Jim Hunt
“But how can we do something about
something that isn’t happening?”

Sir Humphrey Appleby
“It’s much easier to solve an
imaginary problem than a real one.”


  1. Climatism · September 24, 2016

    Reblogged this on Climatism and commented:
    “It’s much easier to solve an
    imaginary problem than a real one.” – Sir Humphrey Appleby

    …and “saving the planet” looks good on your CV, right Ban Ki-Moon and the rest of the virtue-signalling, climate change elites.


  2. chaamjamal · September 25, 2016

    And here we have the UNDP trying to sell the climate agenda to poor countries.

    What can we expect from unelected unaccountable and incompetent bureaucrats?


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