Pipeline Wake up Call

Rolling gas shortages could stymie Thanksgiving travel plans for Ontarians (link to CBC)
‘A lot of gas stations going forward are going to have to scramble to get their gasoline,’ fuel expert says

It’s one the busiest travel weekends of the year, but Ontario is running low on fuel thanks to repair work on major pipelines — and the shortage could last beyond Thanksgiving Monday. 

The shortage stems from repairs to the Trans-Northern Pipeline, ordered by the National Energy Board (NEB), which called for a further 10 per cent restriction to the pipeline’s total pressure. And that’s causing the pressure to build for drivers counting on gassing up at the pump for weekend travel.

What’s the Wakeup Call?

Pipelines remain the safest, most efficient and environmentally friendly way to transport fossil fuels. The regulatory body is doing their job and forcing a temporary restriction on the flow of gasoline to ensure long-term safety of pipeline operations. The scramble over 10% petrol shortages in metropolitan Toronto is just a hint of what can be expected if Greens have their way and ”Leave It in the Ground.” Be careful what they wish for, unless you also want to stop mobility for everyone and everything.

Quick Facts from the NEB Order (here)

The NEB has issued an Amending Safety Order to TNPI that consolidates three previous Safety Orders issued between 2009 and 2010.

  • None of the overpressure incidents posed an imminent public safety or environmental risk.
  • Operating a pipeline within its approved pressure range is an NEB regulatory requirement.
  • The NEB takes safety and environmental protection seriously and took action to ensure TNPI completes all requirements.

“Trans-Northern will continue to be vigilant in its monitoring and maintenance activities, including operating below approved pressure ranges until we are confident the pipeline can return to full capacity,” said Jackie Medeiros of Hill and Knowlton Strategies.

The company operates approximately of 915 kilometres of pipeline that supplies gasoline, jet fuel and fuel oil from refineries in Ontario and Quebec across Montreal and the Greater Toronto Area.

“A lot of gas stations going forward are going to have to scramble to get their gasoline…It won’t be everyone at the same time but this could go on for several weeks.”  In the meantime, fuel expert Dan McTeague of GasBuddy.com predicts rolling shortages from Ottawa to Sudbury to Hamilton.
Repair work on the pipeline is expected to last into 2017, meaning more shortages could be on the horizon.

Climate activist dream come true.

A number of Toronto gas stations are cordoned off with yellow tape as a gasoline shortage has forced them to temporarily shut down.  It is a Climate Activist’s dream come true.


One comment

  1. Bob Greene · October 9, 2016

    Richmond, VA, is on I95. Thanksgiving is the start of the season that a high percentage of the cars going south to escape the evils of global warming have Ontario, New York or New Jersey plates. I’m sure if you find a way to make it to the border this year, you will find plenty of gas. That begs the issue of keeping supply transport up with demand. We are having our own problems with the anti-pipeline folks.


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