COP23 Warning to Humanity

15000 scientists issue warning to humanity: “Time is running out!.”

Remember:  Fighting Global Warming is Absurd, Costly and Pointless.

  • Absurd because of no reliable evidence that anything unusual is happening in our climate.
  • Costly because trillions of dollars are wasted on immature, inefficient technologies that serve only to make cheap, reliable energy expensive and intermittent.
  • Pointless because we do not control the weather anyway.

Explained in COP23 Briefing for Realists

Update:  Media reporting frustration at COP23 over lack of progress on funding for developing countries.  Thus, the warning above indicates the ritual has progressed to stage 3, and now with early indications for stage 5.

Climate Talks Ritual


  1. perdebytjie · November 14, 2017

    All of these have been happening for centuries and it is as if people don’t get it! We are being conned around every corner.

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  2. Graeme Weber · November 14, 2017

    At the risk of ‘again’ getting my head kicked in, I make the following comments. It is understood that many things control climate and CO2 may only form a small part. However the world is burning north of one billion tonnes of coal from carbon sinks a year. Yes the world can naturally geosequestrate most of this BUT for how long, and what happens when the oceans for whatever reason release their newly accumulated CO2. Also do not forget the sulphates, nitrates and other ‘goodies’ emitted when coal is burnt.
    My argument (and talks I give) is that ‘renewables, do not work and will never work unless astronomical amounts are spent on it, which in turn destroys our economy, wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, gas backup etc etc etc. The solution is Nuclear but Australia is the only OEDC country in the world forbidding any nuclear facility to be built yet we have over 30% of the worlds uranium reserves – go figure.


    • Ron Clutz · November 15, 2017

      Thanks Graeme for speaking up about nuclear. I would not kick you for that position, which is quite rational. I do think that natural CO2 sinks (which are also sources of course) are stimulated by temperature and are thus a negative feedback against warming from CO2. I am researching on this and eventually will have a post on the subject..


      • Graeme Weber · November 15, 2017

        The really big sleeper is the natural CO2 that exists in all gas fields. No one mentions it but it is separated and vented at the first process point. From what I can gather it was never included in any emissions program.


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