Whoa! I’ve been Bot-censored.

Today someone linked to one of my posts on a thread at reddit:

slinkydink2 14 hours ago
More grammatical errors and an emoji face. Am I talking to a 9 year old? Consensus is not science. It’s an opinion. The scientific theory has not been and cannot be applied to your global warning bullshit.

Spez: Even though I know you won’t read it (or understand it if you do) here’s an article from last month saying the models are bullshit and that Solar activity is the largest factor.


That was followed by:

13 hours ago
Your comment was automatically removed because you linked to an anti-Trump domain. Please use archive.is or a google cache for this domain so we do not give them any undeserved clicks.

I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

The censorship statement was presented this way:

Wow! So much for free speech on the internet.  And the irony for being censored as an anti-Trump domain, which itself seems like a spoof.  The content referring to climate sources does ring true as climatist suppression of alternate information and views.  Apparently, you are an idiot if you know too much and see through the alarmist house of cards.


  1. Bob Greene · November 30, 2018

    Sounds more like some hacking.


  2. kakatoa · November 30, 2018

    Earlier this morning I had open four internet sites open- 1) the latest post by A. Carlin, 2) your Katawice post, 3) a Climate Home News post and 4) P. Mathews Met Office report post- when I got a warning from Microsoft that your site had some security issues that prevented me from opening your Populism post.

    After a reboot your posts became available again.

    I forgot to save the warning….. next time it happens I will do so as it happens every so often.


    • Ron Clutz · November 30, 2018

      thanks kakatoa. This use of tech to silence me is a new experience. Tamino wrote posts attacking me for presenting inconvenient data on Arctic ice and temperatures, but other than a few unwelcome commenters, there was no hacking or censoring.

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