The Phishy Election

The age of distributed computers and internet connectivity results in everyone from time to time receiving phishing emails.  Just opening the link can get malware installed on your notebook, and can even generate a ransom demand from those who kidnapped your device.  The same kind of criminals working 24/7 to steal from you are suspected of using their methods to steal the Office of the President of the US.

As we know from TV shows and reading crime novels, any criminal investigation seeks to prove the perpetrators possessed three factors:  Motive, Opportunity, and Means.  No one doubts the Democrats had plenty of Motive, as evidenced by a four-year slow-moving coup against Trump from the moment the 2016 results were confirmed.  As we now see, the Opportunity came in Democratic control over big city strongholds in the large battleground states.  And as the legal affidavits confirm, the Means consisted of both Old School ballot stuffing fraud (ballot harvesting and overwriting) and New School counting fraud (using computer algorithms to warp the results). The allegations summarized in the exhibit below show how perpetrators added votes in big cities and suppressed votes in the countryside.

There is a short timetable for exposing these illegal tactics, and the media is looking to play out the clock, after having already declared Biden the winner.  An example is the recent Washington Post article Swing-state counties that used Dominion voting machines mostly voted for Trump.  At least they are finally admitting that the election results are questionable.  But like all the MSM, they are resolutely averting their eyes from anything that could sour the Biden victory they so covet. Excerpts in italics with my bolds.

A review of 10 key states (Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) finds that Dominion systems were used in 351 of 731 counties. Trump won 283 of those counties, 81 percent of the total. He won 79 percent of the counties that didn’t use Dominion systems.

The idea that Trump only lost, say, Pennsylvania, because of Dominion voting systems has to reconcile with the fact that Trump actually won more votes in counties that used Dominion systems (beating Biden by about 74,000 votes in those counties) but lost the state because he was beaten by 154,000 votes in non-Dominion counties. That same pattern holds in Wisconsin as well.

In other words, there’s nothing to suggest that counties using Dominion systems looked significantly different from counties that didn’t. The idea that Biden is president-elect because of some nefarious calculations simply doesn’t match the reality of the county-level vote results.

The WP conclusion ignores the analyses that show how the algorithms effects show up in the results.  In order to shift votes from Trump to Biden, the perpetrators needed to identify large pools of Trump-only votes (ballots cast only for the President race) that could be switched to Biden-only votes.  By skimming in this way, Trump wins those counties as expected, but by enough fewer votes to lose the state. As well, it appears that forensic testing of seized ballot machines will confirm that vote tabulations are converted from whole numbers to decimals so that weighting can be applied.  In one example, Biden votes were weighted 1.3 while Trump votes weighted at 0.7.  Thus the race results effectively shift votes from Trump to Biden.

See: Inside the Election Black Box

Meanwhile in the big city precincts, large Biden margins are already organized through production of mail-in ballots stuffed into the machines.

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