Omicron Tipping Point?

With the arrival of Omicron variant comes the possibility of a civilizational tipping point:  Either descending deeper into hysteria and social internment, or throwing off the chains and embracing individual freedom and responsibility.  Presently, there are responses signaling forces pushing in both directions: one leading to insanity and the other to resurgence.

On the one hand, there’s the fear factor:

U.S. imposes travel ban from eight African countries over Omicron variant Reuters

Omicron is spreading fast. That’s alarming even if it’s mild  CNN

Likely that Omicron will outpace the Delta variant where community transmission occurs WHO

AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines won’t protect people against Omicron  Oxford

We’re facing a tidal wave of infection, again in a race between the vaccine and the virus. UK Health Secretary Sajid Javicl

U.K. PM declares Omicron emergency, orders immediate COVID-19 booster shots for entire country  Globe and Mail

Hong Kong Forcing UK, US Arrivals Into Quarantine Camps After Single Asymptomatic Omicron Case South China Morning Post

Dr. Fauci Warned Two Doses of Your Vaccine is Not Enough to Protect Robustly Against Omicron Infection. Three Shots is Best. msn Health

Fourth Covid vaccine doses needed sooner than expected due to omicron Pfizer CEO

On the Other Hand, there are voices urging calm and hope:

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine protects well against severe illness from Omicron, South African study shows  Globe and Mail

Omicron variant highly transmissible but “milder” could  be “best scenario” to boost “natural immunity” and bring the end of the pandemic closer. Norwegian COVID Experts

It’s getting milder, most people will get it, and they will get a natural immunity  Norway state epidemiologist Frode Forland

Omicron variant is highly contagious, but doesn’t cause severe disease. So this may signal the end of Covid-19. Richard Friedland, CEO of Netcare Ltd.South Africa

Is Omicron the vaccine we’ve been waiting for? Jo Nova

The impact of the new Omicron variant is expected to be mild and short-lived, as the world becomes better equipped to manage COVID-19 and its related challenges OPEC

OMG Omicron A Bridge Too Far

A view of the tipping point from Tom Luongo Davos’ Last Stand Flops at the Box Office.  Excerpts in italics with my bolds.

So Davos’ Last Stand hit theatres a couple of weeks ago. Starring OmicronVID-9/11 as the latest unseen killer this was supposed to be the horror movie of a generation.

Sure the overnight preview box office was good. The Dow off 1100 on Opening Day. Gold thwapped. Bitcoin crushed. But then people started talking about the train wreck they’d seen.

The first came from Goldman Sachs: Goldman Slams Omicron Panic: “This Mutation Is Unlikely To Be More Malicious; No Reason For Portfolio Changes”  Excerpts

Two days later, JPM’s Marco Kolanovic went on CNBC BubbleVision with his review, to blow up the idea that we should remain glued to our screens over the latest release from the Maus Haus, scared for our lives. 

Kolanovic was the first of many to say the quiet part out loud; that OmicronVID was so unaffecting as a serial killer it may wind up doing the exact opposite, immunizing the world from the next sequel in the series.

That if anything, Omicron may be, in fact, a better vaccine than anything cooked up by Pfizer, Moderna or even the Russians.

The result has been the fastest week-to-week drop off in box office I’ve seen of a Davos narrative ever.

What was theorized early on about Omicron developing multiple spike proteins to increase transmissibility and infection but lowering its lethality has borne itself out as the data came in. So, the trumped up hysteria intended as shock and awe to play to as wide an audience as possible failed to capture the imaginations of anyone with three brain cells to rub together to make a spark.

Herd immunity to viruses works in a similar way. As variants of the virus evolve, one of them, in this case Omicron, is more transmissible and outcompetes other emergent strains. That one spreads uncontrollably while the others have less chance to infect hosts and propagate.

We all get it, produce the antibodies against it and most, if not all, of the others, and reach herd immunity against all the strains that much faster.

Omicron may be the best form of vaccine against COVID-19 we could have ever produced.

And now you know why Davos were desperate to unleash the fear porn so thoroughly during a holiday weekend when everyone would be glued to their screens.

In case anyone is confused this was a Davos-produced monstrosity, note the only places even remotely trying to leverage Omicron into policy. You guessed it, Europe.

Only Europe reacted as one would expect. They loved Davos’ Last Stand! Then again, have you watched most of the winners from Cannes? *sigh*

Angela Merkel’s last act in office was to issue a full lockdown of unvaccinated Germans.

These things beg the question, if Omicron was such an obvious bomb before release why then even go through with the exercise?

Because we are setting up for a major shift in geopolitics and markets in 2022 since we have policy clarity with the Fed. The markets are finally adjusting themselves to a major shift in global politics which sees the U.S. financial and political elites breaking with Davos completely.

Davos is retreating to its fortress in Brussels while getting its man in the U.S. Biden(Obama) to sue for peace with the Russians. They are still committed to destroying the middle class all across Europe and are willing to starve them to make this happen but their influence here in the U.S. has peaked and the world is now moving past their Coronapocalalyptic narrative.





  1. beththeserf · December 15, 2021

    Omicron may be, in fact, a better vaccine than anything cooked up by Pfizer, Moderna or even the Russians.

    Maybe the virus last stampede.


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