Timeline Of Human Activity In Antarctica

Antarctica, Earth’s southernmost continent, faces numerous threats from climate change, but many people don’t know very much about the isolated area. The Onion looks back at a history of exploration, scientific study, and human activity in Antarctica.

Lost European explorers perplexed by how cold India is.

Discovery of Antarctica sends world ice prices plummeting.

Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen beats British explorer Robert Falcon Scott in the race to the South Pole after Scott falters during the critical Ross Ice Shelf sprint stage.

Ernest Shackleton completes the first successful mission to get a boat stuck in Antarctic pack ice and be forced to live miserably on a floe for months.

Caroline Mikkelsen becomes the first person to experience sexism on Antarctica.

The Antarctic Treaty is signed in Washington, placing a moratorium on natural resource exploitation and preventing penguins from industrializing the continent and entering the 20th-century global economy.

The ratification of the Madrid Protocol declares Antarctica to be a “natural reserve, devoted to peace and science” for the remaining 50 years of its existence.

The film March Of The Penguins documents Antarctica’s disturbing descent into fascism.

OK, earthquakes under the Antarctic peninsula have caused it to droop a bit, but erectile dysfunction is common and treatable.

Story comes from the Onion (here) with my improving their final observation.

Outbreak of Fake Hurricane Reports

Inspired by the Weather Channel’s reporter faking the strength of winds, social media is going viral with numerous videos expanding on the theme.  A compilation can be viewed above.

The watershed video from Weather Channel (pun intended) inadvertently showing people walking around normally in the background.


Climate Comics

It takes a properly skeptical mindset to see the humor in the behavior of those believing in global warming/climate change. Here are some cartoons that came to my attention recently.

Paris Accord


Media Climate Reporting

Biased Climate Science

Misguided Climate Policies



H/T to Lisa Benson, Chip Bok,  Mike Lester, Michael Ramirez  and Gary Varvel.  Work by Rick McKee was featured in a previous post Cavemen Climate Comics



Global Cooling Celebration

Be sure to turn on the sound to appreciate the video.

So the Al Gore Global Cooling effect is muted at the COP23 site in Bonn Germany with temperatures only slightly below normal, but with rain every day.  Elsewhere in North America winter is making an early appearance.  For example in Montreal we woke up this morning with -8C and some snow in the street.

Here is the snow cover map from yesterday showing Siberia fully covered along with Alaska and northern Canada.  As seen in the video above climate realists are dancing over the demise of the warmist fantasy.




Cavemen Climate Comics for Sunday


This storm season is frightening and has climatists freaking out.  Perhaps some comic relief is in order. This post is a collection of cartoons that put modern awarenesses into cavemen conversations. It was inspired by a great cartoon from Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle which appears near the end.  H/T  WUWT.

As we shall see, some modern ideas aren’t far removed from stone age thinking.  For example, the cartoon above portrays the invention of environmentalism to repudiate technology advances

Then we have the inevitable social pressure to put down backward people.

Virtue signaling provides a way for the unevolved to fit in.

Eventually, social media overwhelms scientific progress.

Of course climate social discourse depends on magical thinking.

Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle H/T  WUWT.


Postmodern social media also have unfortunate side effects.


On a more serious note, these events remind me what Michael Crichton wrote in State of Fear (2004).

Our planet is five billion years old, and it has been changing constantly all during that time. […] Our atmosphere is as violent as the land beneath it. At any moment there are one thousand five hundred electrical storms across the planet. Eleven lightning bolts strike the ground each second. A tornado tears across the surface every six hours. And every four days, a giant cyclonic storm, hundreds of miles in diameter, spins over the ocean and wreaks havoc on the land.

The nasty little apes that call themselves human beings can do nothing except run and hide. For these same apes to imagine they can stabilize this atmosphere is arrogant beyond belief. They can’t control the climate.

The reality is, they run from the storms.

More at In Praise of Michael Crichton

Erratic Public interest in Science

Recently the media reported that people tend to discredit global warming alarms during cold spells and mild weather. Now we have a similar finding from the Onion (here).  New Report Finds Americans Most Interested In Science When Moon Looks Different Than Usual

ARLINGTON, VA—Explaining that readership of science-related articles and discussion of scientific concepts tends to surge at such times, a report released Thursday by the National Science Foundation confirmed that Americans are most interested in science when the moon looks different than normal.

“According to our findings, citizens are never more engaged by scientific disciplines than when the moon does not look like it regularly does—for example, when it becomes big or bright,” read the report in part, which added that while the nation’s interest in science is typically fairly minimal and consistent when the moon is its usual size and color, as soon as these properties of the moon differ in a noticeable way, millions of Americans begin displaying a desire to learn and share scientific knowledge.

“The moon is ordinarily white and relatively small, and science is not on most people’s minds. However, when the moon is no longer white and small, and instead happens to be large, reddish, temporarily darkened, or any combination of those things, people generally want to know more about the methodological study of natural phenomena. Of course, once the moon goes back to the way it normally looks, interest in how the universe works drops back to baseline levels.”

The report went on to mention that major changes to the Earth appeared not to garner Americans’ interest at all.

Another parody of science reporting includes Onion’s explanation of How Clinical Trials Work

A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a peaceful night.


Canada announces new climate change goal: increase meetings by 88%


Amazingly, it has become possible to do satire of political climate change activism.  CBC has always promoted climate alarm and has been for many years a platform for alarmist environmentalist David Suzuki.  Just recently however, 22 minutes and CBC comedy have been unleashed, demonstrated by the video above and the fake news release below.

Canada announces new climate change goal: increase meetings by 88% by the year 2019  (here)

“There are many ways we can take concrete action to fight the reality that we have to fight global warming,” Trudeau explained to reporters Friday. “Meetings, for example. Summits. Conventions. Assemblies. Commissions. Oh, and talks.”

Increasingly desperate David Suzuki staples left nostril shut to cut carbon emissions by 50%

“It’s not going to be easy, but Canada really has to be a leader on this,” he continued. “We as a nation have to challenge ourselves to nearly double the number of climate change meetings we’re currently having, and truly commit ourselves to leaving it at that. I have faith that this government has what it takes to meet endlessly and never actually take any meaningful action to mitigate the inevitable and impending disaster we all know is looming.”

Trudeau went on to explain that other nations are surpassing Canada in the number of meetings they’re having – and that that is unacceptable.

“Look at the Chinese leaders – they meet like every week,” he said. “American leaders used to meet every day, though that’s definitely about to change. I heard their new targets involve reducing climate meetings by 100% by the year 2017.”

Trudeau concluded his remarks by emphasizing the undeniable reality that time is quickly running out.

“The glaciers are melting. Our winters are getting warmer every year. Smog is out of control. We can’t afford to just sit around and do nothing. We need to sit around and talk about how we’ll do nothing.”

Welcome to the new world of free speech on climate change.

Footnote for those not familiar with the Canadian scene:

Characters in the video are

Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Dr. David Suzuki, Environmental Scientist

Elizabeth May, MP and Leader of the Green Party